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  • Philippines
    **this is still under construction since I rarely cosplay >_< Hi! I'm Shoujo Chan. I'm a beginner in Cosplay, residing in the Philipines. I love... -Reading Books and fanfics -Playing Games -Sleeping -Japanese culture (inclusive of anime, manga, cosplay,and other subcultures of japan) -Nature especially the beauty of Flowers I hope we could get along well! ^_^ **this is still under construction since I rarely go to a convention to cosplay. >_<
  • Argentina
  • Peru
    ¡Hola a todos! Me encantan mucho los buenos cosplays. Suelo tomar algunas fotografías de ellos en eventos. Si desean seguirme, tienen las cuentas de Facebook y Twitter a su disposición =)
  • Singapore
    Hi Everyone! I'm Naoya / Alan Chen from Singapore. Cosplaying since May 2009 :D Deviantart! @ Facebook Page : Have a great day everyone~!
  • Chile
    I'm Nekota. I'm from Chile. I'm cosplayer and crossplayer since 2011 I like Touhou, Kantai Collection, Love live, Madoka Magica and more :D My Curecos: My Deviantart: Thanks for visiting!!
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
    Hello there! I am Angelie Maglana, Filipina cosplayer. :) 真倉名アンジェリーです。 Japanoholic。 Asian Culture Enthusiast。 Otaku。 Moon Child & Star Dust。 Sassy Girl。 ☆? よろしくおねがいします。^^ Reach me out on these sites: ☆【Facebook Page】 ☆【Twitter】 ☆【Plurk】 ☆【Blogspot】 ☆【YouTube】 ☆【Cure】
  • Philippines
    Hi im charisse fron Philippines but u can also call me kuji Im not really a good cosplayer but i love cosplay and anime oh... and vkei bands also heheh I want to see more pictures of cool and beautiful cosplays around the world so i created an account here heheh @kuji02 on instagram
  • Ivy
  • Philippines
    From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil. Skipping that intro.. I'll just post some of my shots and works here.. :P Most of my shots are in here:
  • Philippines
    Hello! I'm Rina. I'm a cosplayer from the Philippines. 【Facebook】: 【Twitter】: 【Tumblr】:
  • India
    Cosplayer. Dreamer. Procastinator. Facebook: Tumblr:
  • Uruguay
    Hello~ I am Sayako, a cosplayer from Uruguay. I've been cosplaying since 2010.
  • Thailand
    My nickname Miki i am from thailand i love vocaloid music facebook 18 year old slogan Every layer is my idol .
  • Philippines
    Pirlow=Pillow Philippine cosplayer I like to meet new people :) hope we can be friends Hobbies: Trading Card Games Cosplaying and Video Games visit my curecos also:
  • China
    大爱ACG、大爱COSPLAY、大爱JDM、大爱三菱的渣COSER一只。目前超低产劣质。 どうぞよろしくお願いします。 私は中国の河北省の石家荘市に住んでいて、現在高校一年生。 喵哒~这里坐标河北省石家庄!现在高一党orz 実は中国の学生の圧力は世界最大。この僕に悲鳴を上げる。 这句就不翻译了、大家也都能看懂…… 本当の話を言って、他の国の冬休みと夏休みは本当の休み、中国の冬休みと夏休みの宿題は別の場所に。 说真的吧、国外寒暑假都是真正的放假、我大天朝寒暑假就是换个地方做作业啊…… みんなは私に聞いて分からないというのなら、それは私の日本語のレベルは極めて限られ、翻訳ソフトを使う場合が多い。許してください!私は頑張ります。 大家可能听不懂我说话、因为我日语水平极其有限、用翻译软件的情况比较多。求原谅!我会努力的 企鹅:2190413299 半次元: 渣浪: Cure: