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    Hi everyone~ My name is Shiori. I'm an otaku, i love playing video games. I admire all of the cosplayer out there doing there best!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ My favorite cosplayer are Reika-sama, Baozi and hana, and Liui!!!
  • Riu
    4649 onegaishimasu!
  • Singapore
    ling • SG • INFP • capricorn 2016 is the year of Idolish7 cosplays it seems. twitter: @nanaseten tumblr: @silveryogi instagram: @goodnightawesome
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    我是來自馬來西亞的Coser(*´∀`*)ノ✿✿ 可以稱呼我為Pocky~ 因為真的是超愛吃Pocky的於是cn也就這個名字了!?✧٩(の❛ᴗ❛ の)۶ ♥Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PockyRei ♥Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pocky_rei/ ♥World Cosplay http://worldcosplay.net/member/Pocky_Rei
  • Viet Nam
    Welcome to my Worldcosplay profile. I'm just a school girl who loves twintails ^_^ My cosplay pictures are mostly in cute, bright, colorful style. Hope you guys like them, and follow me please for more ^_^! My FB page: https://www.facebook.com/KukuCosplay
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    Hi Everyone! im Jessi Chawn cosplayer from Asia ^^ https://www.facebook.com/jessi093
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    I admire Coser Lucia ^^
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    cureがなくなるそうなので。。 コス活動休止中ですがよろしくです♪
  • Canada
    Hey everyone so I'm a cosplayer at heart who is also a photog by nature. I love seeing the new and amazing cosplays out there and like meeting new people so cheers all.
  • United States
    http://Instagram.com/worldcosplays http://Instagram.com/_mangakiss_ http://mangakiss2.tumblr.com http://twitter.com/mangakiss2 http://weheartit.com/mangakiss
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