/Previous Location: Taiwan
/Hometown: Malaysia


/A coser from Malaysia who not only enjoy manga, anime and game-play, but also enjoy all kind of movies and drama.

/Cosplaying is just a little part of me, but as u can see,
is one of the most important part to us.
  • ชื่อเล่น鐵哥吱吱叫
  • เพศ ผู้ชาย
  • ประเทศMalaysia
  • NAN
  • 慕絲
  • Jormos Korii
  • Shevoj
  • Diego Bernacchia
  • 啻犽 闇
  • 戰
  • 夏目式
  • Jenny
  • Maya
  • KenjiMura
  • 丹羽桃
  • rokutaro
  • nekopin
  • 琉