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    ◎暱稱:娃(ㄨㄚˇ )娃(ㄨㄚˊ ) ◎英文暱稱::Shen WaWa ◎破蛋日::03/11 ◎星座::雙魚座 ◎身高:155(體重太羞恥了就不說了ˊ艸ˋ) *************************** Hi!My name is Shen WaWa♥ I am a cosplayer from Taiwan!:> Nice to meet you! *************************** ◎Facebook★no(? ◎World cosplay★http://worldcosplay.net/member/111689 ◎Weibo★http://weibo.com/p/1005051930152265 ◎半次元★http://banciyuan.com/home/space/index/uid/31901
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    大家安安! 這裡是玥下樑~ 有點老人的假文青+黑心小白兔+極度自我感覺良好的傻大姐=奇妙綜合體(? 喜歡森林系! 喜歡美人! 喜歡動物! 喜歡做白日夢! 本命是護玄X紅麟的特殊傳說! 褚冥漾大好!!!!!! 小圓大好!!!!!! 楪祈女神神美啊啊啊啊啊 小社男神可攻可受根本美好///// (簡而言之是個喜歡發廚的渣↑)
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    small fish/小魚 Hello everyone Taiwan cosplayer 大家好我是小魚很開心能認識大家喔~~^^ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Happy22327897 plurk:http://www.plurk.com/Happy22327897 E-mail:vh0324@yahoo.com.tw
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    アニメや漫画が大好き・ 好きな活動はコスプレ・ 両方の良いコスプレイヤー、声優になりたいです・ Love anime & manga Cosplaying as a favourite activity Wanna be both a good cosplayer and a voice actress
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    Here is Malaysia's Coser, Yuko. DRRR / Glutamine fans. Hope you all will like my cos :D こちわ マレーシアのコスプレイヤー、ゆこ (聿たん) です。 「デュラララ!!」ファン と ぐるた民です。 あなたたちに私のコス作品が好きにできることを希望します( ´ ▽ ` )ノ どぞ、よろしくねヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gareki.yuu18 Weibo : http://weibo.com/garekiyuu18
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    大家好~我叫賣鬧,也可以叫我ㄇㄋ唷!!! 目前是攝影兼coser的狀態XD" 以下是我Facebook、plurk、yam的網址,歡迎大家來逛逛唷 很高興認識大家!!! ★Facebook★ https://www.facebook.com/kin77665555/photos ★Plurk★ http://www.plurk.com/kin77665555 ★Yam Blog★ http://album.blog.yam.com/kin77665555
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    Hi My name is Frame ≧ω≦ I'm leyer from Thailand I can speak English ,Thai and Japan ✿ My Page : https://www.facebook.com/FramekawaiiCosplayer?fref=ts ✿ Cure : http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=298338 ✿ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/frame.kawaii ✿ Twiter : https://twitter.com/Frame_Kawaii
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    ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ I love anime&manga! Cosplay is my life~ ╰(*´︶`*)╯
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    wow~ ⊙o⊙ ! hey!I am back now! JOJO!Zone-00! Let`s be friends!Σ(⊙▽⊙" my little shop:http://shop111405467.taobao.com/ my ins id:haishengwen For my all cosplay work:http://t.cn/RP4gsGf
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    Hello I'm a cosplayer from Mexico this are my first cosplay works hope you like it. Age: 18 Height: 1.65 cm Weight: 51.5 K I can speak Spanish, English, French and a little bit of japanese so all the sugestions and comments are welcome I want to learn more of cosmaking Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paprikaparanoika
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