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  • AKI
    Viet Nam
    Hello, I'm Vietnamese Cosplayer and Graphic Design! I'm a "fujoshi" and I love danmei&yaoi very much. You can call me "Aki" or "Min" or cosplay stage name - "RAN". I'm from ABline, and my birthday is 01.14. ~ Contact: . Twitter: . FB: . Mail: fankissue@gmail.com
  • Brazil
    HI Guys My name really is Yasmin. I am cosplayer of Brazil, yeah!! My accounts : Facebook : www.facebook.com/gouneechan Deviantart : MynChan . FOLLOW ME, please, i love you. Bye bye.
  • United States
    Hey! 8D My name is Jimi~ I've been casually cosplaying since 2006? But finally decided to do it as a serious hobby! Hope you like my work! ☆ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/youm.e.cosplays ☆ Instagram: http://instagram.com/trickyfish89
  • Mexico
    Homestucker, hetalian, mexican :B Proud otaku! Intento de cosplayer, cantante & aspiración a dibujante ;w; Pasense por mis fotos & no duden en comentar ^w^
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  • RIN
    こんにちは、私の名前はRINです 私は雲雀&セバスチャンが大好きです!! >///< 写真は、写真のレイヤーを投稿しました。 RINとしてのポストの一部。 (trace/chat) ::「 twitter 」 : https://twitter.com/LMC_DIAURA
  • Italy
    I'm Roberta, also known as Wendy, an italian cosplayer. I love asia, expecially Japan. I'm a cosplayer since 2011, and I've come closer to the asiatic world since I was a kid. I love shibuya and harajuku fashion style. [ Web Site ] : http://wendyland.it/cosplay [ Facebook Page] : https://www.facebook.com/wendyland [ Youtube Channel] : https://www.youtube.com/user/PanPoby90/videos
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