• Mexico
    Hello, I´m a cosplayer from Mexico, I been doing cosplay since 2009, and I always try to improve myself :D, I hope you enjoy my work :3 I am 21 years old, I like to cook, listen music, play the violin, swim, and martial arts. I you follow me I´ll follow you :D Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CosplayLevelGod
  • China
  • South Korea
    twitter : https://twitter.com/rotorl0162 FB page by myself - https://www.facebook.com/pages/%EB%A3%A8%EC%8B%9C%EC%95%84/687407841338298 제니아라는 외국인이 운영하는 사이트로 저와는 아무상관없이 사진을 불펌당하고있습니다 항의해도 지워주지 않고 막무가내로 운영하고있습니다............ 사칭 주의해주세요 impersonating page ( is not by myself ) https://www.facebook.com/Lucia.OfficialPage?fref=ts
  • Malaysia
    Hello, I am Clonix, a freelance photographer in Penang, Malaysia. An otaku always stay home, read manga, watch anime, sometime join cosplayers to photoshooting. Uhm, nothing much to say, just share my cosplay photography here. ^^ Facebook: Clonix Chan / 外拍 / 曾国权 / www.facebook.com/ClonixHearts Wechat: Clonix
  • Thailand
    Hi everyone!! I'm Koyuki cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you all!! I'll update my life and photos as much as I can. Thank you ***************************** FB Fanpage >> https://www.facebook.com/pages/-Koyuki-FC/184645664922131 Ample >> http://ample-cosplay.com/?u=0000004022 CURE site >> http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=93746 DeviantArt >> http://iamkoyuki.deviantart.com/ Photographer >> http://nlghtmal2e.deviantart.com/
  • Japan
    男装・女装どちらも挑戦しています。 仲良くしてもらえるとうれしいな! Cure No.154568 Twitter ID:__kotori__ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/kotori.coser
  • Malaysia
    (`・ω・)σσ【゜+.゜нёιιο゜+.゜】(・ω・´)シ Here is AKINO ・゜・・:*:・・゜・(●´∀` ●)・゜・・:*:・・゜・ 14years old and from malaysia ~~ Thanks for you follow & like <3 <3 *:.。.。.:*ヾ(●´・ω・)(・ω・`○)ノ*:.。.。.:* FB link : http://www.facebook.com/Cosplayer.Akino Weibo link : http://www.weibo.com/5101302381/
  • Ari
    Hello, Ari here~ (^^) Started cosplaying during December (2012)~ Yoroshiku ne~! \(^w^)/
  • Brazil
    Karui is a kunoichi of dark skin with long auburn hair and eye color âmbar.Karui is also quite sincere, stubborn, irritable and impulsive
  • Viet Nam
    Chibi Chibi Chibi <3 *tung tim*
  • Taiwan
    歡迎同好交流/ FBpage: http://www.facebook.com/shiraga66 天空: http://album.blog.yam.com/shiraga66 Cure: http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=299267
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  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
    Hi there, Akira here, people call me Eddie Debut since May of 2013, still a freshman , nice to meet you =) My fb detail is https://m.facebook.com/yeoh.z.beng 你好,我是Akira, 大家都叫我,阿萌,阿明, 我在2013年5月第一次cosplay, 我还是一位新手,请大家多多指教
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Cosplayer 八雲紫本命 御姐控/金髮控 -------------- ***轉載/分享照片請列明出處(Kaori Yagokoro ; facebook page (ビリビリKaori): https://www.facebook.com/kaorigrace ) 謝謝! --------------- ***If you want to share my photo, Please mark the derivation (Kaori Yagokoro ; facebook page (ビリビリKaori): https://www.facebook.com/kaorigrace ) Thank you ! ------------------ -My Facebook page: ビリビリKaori ( https://www.facebook.com/kaorigrace ) -Email: kaoriowo@gmail.com -Instagram: gracebiribiri
  • Malaysia