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My name is Diego Lorenzo Palópito, 24, from Brazil - São Paulo. I satarted doing cosplays in 2009 with the Ranma Saotome's (male version) costume. It was easy and I decided to do my favourite character, Link, from The legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess version. This one has upped in the last two years and now finally finished. I will try others characters that I like and bring the photos!

  • ชื่อเล่นSeiya Link
  • เพศ ผู้ชาย
  • ประเทศRepública Federativa do Brasil
  • Calypso
  • BuLmA
  • Martina B. Vivienne
  • Jorge Ney Batista
  • Gabriel
  • Nadaviana
  • Theka Tsukishiro
  • Ada Vigeelebrun
  • Cindi Cosplay
  • Juliana Torino
  • Iza Winnah
  • mideckita
  • Bárbara Thorson
  • Gin
  • Jo Jo Cosplay
  • Ciel-Sama
  • Guil
  • Keishiro
  • SirShiroyasha
  • Erza
  • Akeminyan
  • Ricardo Seisuke Yagi
  • 蜜柑
  • 五木 あきら
  • ZaWarldo
  • FMJ