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    A Cosplayer from Malaysia. A Gamer. An Otaku. (p〃д〃q)
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    Hello, I'm a French cosplayer and photographer Be patient for photos and cosplay <3
  • Philippines
    I love cosplay!
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    Hello! I'm Maimai from Malaysia! Nice to meet u >////< 嗨!我是麦麦,来自马来西亚! 请多多指教 >////< Fb page ↓ http://facebook.com/oatmymaipage Instagram ↓ https://instagram.com/oatmymai
  • Dan
    United States
  • United States
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    Hello ( ^ω^ ) I'm Bluexbeex (Celia). I'm a Cosplayer from Malaysia. Nice to meet you ☆〜(ゝ。∂) 大家好!我是蓝蜜蜂,也可以叫我Celia. 我來自馬來西亞. 請多多指教 (^∇^) ๑Instagram: http://instagram.com/bluexbeex ๑Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BluexBeex ๑Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bluexbeexpage
  • Malaysia
    I'm a photography lover and I do receive photo shoot requests. 本人是一名摄影爱好者。 有兴趣找本人摄影的,无任欢迎。 Note(注意事项):http://on.fb.me/1C7giXS
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    銀河帝国五〇一軍団サンド・トルーパー モーニングレスキューシンガポール部隊隊長 http://gordonator.com http://www.twitter.com/gordon_td8316
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