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    My name is nkR. English is hard, but let talk together!
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    ❤近期❤ ツキウタ。|アイナナ|ダイヤのA|刀剣乱舞|薄桜鬼|     英雄伝説 軌跡シリーズ|曇天に笑う|乙女ゲーム| FF シリーズ
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    I am Tsun3 from London. I am new here so I hope I can make some friends. Just send me some inbox *wink*
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    coser wanna be
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    Favorite♪ NARUTO,HUNTER×HUNTER,ONE PIECE ハイキュー!!,黒子のバスケ,テニスの王子様, ZONE-00,会長はメイド様っ!,マーメイドメロディぴちぴちピッチ、
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    This is a new account old account will be removed soon Very nice to meet you all! As you can see I am also a crossdresser, gender doesn't exist in cosplay world so, let's not talk about gender. If you want to talk to me, mention me in twitter @UR_MURMUR :D my facebook account is full but you can go to my fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/recchinon email: recchinon@yahoo.com
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    基本上沒有經營粉絲頁~ 不過想加好友的歡迎私訊先告知我歐((本人生性害羞XD
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  • Hong Kong
    أنا أحب أنيمي
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    --------------------------------------info to be added