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Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
    大家安安,這裡是葉翼楧ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ ★ └楧= 一ㄤ,不是ㄧㄥ!  └CP難相處,北極圈常駐 ★ └灣家人  └全職,LL,刀劍亂舞ing ★ └久久丟一次照片  └有搭檔同意才丟合照/團照 ★ └男角較多  └越坑越回去,很少追新番
  • China
  • Finland
    Hello, I'm art student and cosplayer from Finland. I spend too much time in the internet, watching tv shows and sewing costumes. I'm just beginner but passionate to learn to be better. Find me:
  • Costa Rica
    Soy cosplayer de Costa Rica Empece desde el 2012 Espero que les guste mi trabajo Me gusta la música rock , tocar guitarra , los videojuegos y hacer cosplay . I'm a cosplayer from Costa Rica Im cosplayer since 2012 I hope you like my work I like the rock music, play guitar ,video games and to do cosplay. Languages: Spanish- English Facebook:// Fanpage:
  • China
    这里是七北北Akitaヾ(o・ω・)ノ 正在努力学习技能。 cosplay是一个不久才喜欢上的 希望可以开心的慢慢玩下去(。-`ω´-) 希望可以交上更多新朋友(v^ー°)
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm Eba \ ^ o ^ / I'm an unprofessional artist and i love manga-anime ~~~
  • Viet Nam
  • Singapore
    Hello, I'm Yuuzuki from Singapore ^_^ はじめまして、 シンガポール の ユウズキです!! Just started cosplaying since December 2013. 十二月二千十三年 に コスプレイ を 始めました! If there's anything to suggest for my cosplay & Japanese, do let me know XD 俺の コスプレイ と 日本ー語 は まだ上手 じゃない、 教えてください~ >w< Hope to make more cosplaying friends! :D もっと コスプレイ の ともだち を 作りたいです、 よろしくね!! (^_^)/ 好きな アニメ: Favorite anime are: 1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventures  ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 2. Gintama 銀魂 3. Nisekoi ニセコイ 4. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 月間少女野崎くん
  • United States
  • United States
    (▰˘◡˘▰) Nice to meet you! I'm Ally, cosplayer from US, feel free to message me・゚✧
  • Taiwan
    Plurk - Album -
  • Malaysia
    FB: Instagram: World Cosplay: 大家好~ 窝是一位马来西亚华裔coser 请多多指教哒ww Ohaiyo ! ~ I am Malaysia Cosplayer ❥Haruno Sama-薄荷〖小哲〗( ☣ω☣)ノ 居住: 马来西亚(Malaysia)砂捞越(Sarawak) 誕生:02/02(水瓶座)
  • Australia
    Hello, I'm a cosplayer from Australia. I like JOJOS BIZARRE ADVENTURE, BASARA & Gintama Thanks for visiting friend! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ こんにちは!私はオーストラリアのコスプレーヤーです。 JOJOS BIZARRE ADVENTURE、 BASARA & 銀魂 が好き🎵 私のページを見に来てくれてありがとう♡ Twitter: Straaay Instagram: Strayprince Facebook:
  • Philippines
    Hi! I am Nero, Cosplayer from Philippines :)
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
    birth date : 1994/08/05 E-mail address: My site (블로그) 제 블로그 입니다^^ 서이신청 환영해요 신청하실때 안부게시판에 간단한 자기소게 부탁드려요 This is my site(blog) but it's in korean and most of the writings show to only to my blog neighbors but if you know korean and how to use naver blog then it's ok to be a neighbor 안녕하세요 동방을 너무 좋아해서 남자임에도 불구하고 동방 코스를 하고 있습니다 I love touhou so much that I cosplay touhou caracter even if I'm a male