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    I'm Miwa-chan from Philippines.. Nice to meet you. ^_^
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    Hi I'm hazel I am a British person whom really enjoys cosplaying. I really enjoy cosplaying hetalia characters, I'm a huge fan XD I really hope you all enjoy my cosplay and I hope i can make more cosplay friendships with other people =^3^=
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    ❥个人简介 COSER | 小精灵 | 实习摄影 | 正片低产 | 角度诈欺 | 重度液化 ❥活动地区 台 | 港 | 日 | 陆 | 澳 | 菲 ❥主推作品 全职高手 | 刀剑神域 | IDOLISH7 | B-PROJECT | 月歌 | 薄桜鬼 | SQ | 吾命骑士 | クズの本懐 | BLAZBLUE ❥社群网站 FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/season0213/
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    Peruvian cosplayer , propmaker and Gamer
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    —An area of my life that I want to share with everybody.(╹◡╹)♡ — [ C O S P L A Y ] ♥ [ENG/FIL/日本語] Based in Manila, Philippines. A cosplayer guilty of procrastinating cosplay plans of favorite characters and other stuff! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) If you want to ask more details about me, feel free to message me on Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!~ ♥ Let's be friends! FACEBOOK: @shiinofficial Twitter: @sheenofficial INSTAGRAM: @sheenyapofficial Email: cosplayhikaru@gmail.com
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