Hello everybody!
I am an amateur photographer with cosplayers living in Japan.
I want to make friends with cosplayers around the world.
Please feel free to talk.
I want to participate in this year's Anime Expo.

I will guide you if there are things that if you come to Japan.
I do not speak English.
But then google, and iphone that I have no problem if there is love cosplay! lol
  • Nickname魎皇鬼
  • Пол Мужской
  • Страна日本
  • kennedy kenny ken k
  • gaming_goddess
  • Lau
  • topi
  • sakuya
  • nakatugu
  • コバレオ
  • mtb_xxx
  • ZAN
  • WOLF
  • 修之介
  • 大白
  • gaming_goddess
  • Lau
  • Yume Hinemosu
  • 松田ヒカリ
  • Itjung Pantujinda
  • mtb_xxx
  • Katybear
  • Cidi
  • 旭子
  • nanami aqua
  • コバレオ
  • 小夢夢
Photos (Cosplayer)