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    Hi everyone, I am Lis Lilium and I come from Vietnam. I am a design fashion and welcome to my world! [Fb page] https://www.facebook.com/A-B-u-r-a-K-a-d-a-B-u-r-a-248018928727104/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel [Fb] https://www.facebook.com/lis.lilium
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    hello nice to meet you,you can call me tamali or tali(rope),i can speak indonesian and english,thank you
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    哦哈哟😄,米娜桑 我来自中国 非常稀饭cosplay 喜欢:摄影,羽毛球之类的 👄希望能认识到更多的大触👄
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    Hii~ i'M Potaro, and you 're Potaro ..
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    Hi :3 I'm Sakino come from HCMCity, Vietnam <3
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    九州の西の端っこで活動しています。 よろしくお願いします。
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    Viet Nam