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    https://www.instagram.com/zeroxia_/ BuzzBuddies @zeroxia_
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    Hello! :) We are Masaru and HIkari, cosplayers sisters. *v*/♡ We are Spanish and Costa Rican. Currently, we live in Costa Rica. . We hope you enjoy our work~☆ Please, follow us. :3 . . . You can visit our accounts~ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahicosplay/ Instagram: Masaru: https://www.instagram.com/lala_docampo/ Hikari: https://www.instagram.com/lu.docampo/
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    I'm just a newbie cosplayer from Indonesia.. And nice to meet you :) Follow my Instagram @_shirayuuki23_ Arigato.. Thank you ❤
  • Mexico
    Hi! my name is Denyse and I am a Mexican cosplayer, cosplay fascinates me both as crossplay and I desire improve in this and to keep it fun and entertaining for me.
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    #Vietnamese #Directioner #Skice
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    台灣Cosplayer,乙女向遊戲愛好者。 粉絲專頁 → https://www.facebook.com/Mai.Cosplay 作品寫真 → http://worldcosplay.net/member/mai_ 工作傳照 → s02131119@gmail.com 台湾コスプレイヤー、乙女ゲーム大好き。 公式サイト → https://www.facebook.com/Mai.Cosplay コスプレ写真 → http://worldcosplay.net/member/mai_ お仕事ご依頼 → s02131119@gmail.com Taiwan Cosplayer. Hobbies is otome game. FanPage → https://www.facebook.com/Mai.Cosplay CosPhoto → http://worldcosplay.net/member/mai_ Email → s02131119@gmail.com
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    Hello,I am Yama from Hong kong☆ Not frequently updated my WC -w- Hope you like my cosplay OwO 這邊是山☆ 絕對有病的一只OwO/ WC隨心情放置PLAY=www= 同好歡迎搭訕啦www こんにちわw ヤマですOwO/ 香港のコスプレアです よろしく~☆ i7/夢色/夢100/棋魂/naruto/鋼鍊/黑籃/頭D/RB/零式 據說這樣較易求同好(? Ig:yamamax
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    I"m Hibari Fuyu. Cosplayer from Thailand. ★ 【Blog】: http://Lovejapan.exteen.com 【Facebook】: http://www.facebook.com/HibariFuyu
  • Taiwan
    我是HANA喔~ 是台灣的小小coser!(是名渣渣XD 因為因緣際會(?)而踏入cos界 努力地想出好角色阿(爆) 不過還是個學生光要出一個角色就很吃力啦>< 會非常緩慢地更新~ 感謝看到這裡的你或妳
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    Hi, I'm Haru and I hope you'll like my cosplays. I'll do my best ^o^ <3
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    ♦ Asian Cosplayer / ♦ Anime / ♦ Games ♦ Cosplay Account : www.facebook.com/ronjuno.cosplayer ♦ Twitter Account : www.twitter.com/ronjuno24 ♦ Instagram Account : ronjuno24