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    My name is Andrew. I'm Russian Cosplayer & Photographer. Member of 501st Legion. If you would like an photoshoot, Just give me a message and we can manage it+) FB page: AndrewHitc Instagram: andrewhitc Weibo: AndrewHitc Для русских косплееров меня можно найти на vk.com/andrewhitc Enjoy!
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    Hello, how're you doing?
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    こんにちは。 タイ人です。 どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。 hi.. I'm photographer cosplay from Thai. i like Animate & Game ONE PIECE /MACROSS /GUNDAM SAO /ATTACK ON TITAN /FINALFANTASY CODE GEASS /REBORN /DRAGONBALL BLEACH /LOVE LIVE etc... ★ Official site ★ fb.com/kikonlinecosplay ☆ Cure ☆ worldcosplay.net/member/19815 ............................... Thank you for visiting. upload start 04/04/2017
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