• Canada
    I'm a cosplayer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I mostly cosplay otome heroines and main characters from series. I'm a big fan of Free!, UtaPri, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and lots of otome series. Twitter: @RoastedDolphan
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    Video Game addict and Cosplayer! <3
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  • Thailand
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    Proud Asian here! A total amateur coser, a certified pwrpff grl and lover of all things kawaii❤️ I love anime, manga, cosplay, yanderes, lolita fashion and yaoi😌 Yoroshikune😙
  • Indonesia
    : Hallo ! Hallo ! MizuoKen desu ! (^o^)/ Cosplayer from Indonesia. I Love Cosplay, Drawing, & Food. Haha. My Social accounts : - Instagram : MizuoKen - Facebook : Mizuo Ken
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    Hello,Jessin is here,nice to meet you ^^ I'm a cosplayer form Malaysia. Do like my page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jessin0112/ or follow me on Instagram @jessin_phang