Aratan (Yuki Arata)
  • South Korea
    Cosplayer MoonSu (Moon) In South Korea. [ Contact ] #Facebook : #E-mail : #Twitter : @gymoonsu #Blog :
  • Japan
    JJBA/Ace of diamond/RKRN/Sailor moon
  • Japan
    日本で細々と活動しています。 Japan,Hokkaido ▼I LOVE Fate /ジョジョ / 三国武将 / 戦国武将 / ゲーム JOJO / The Romance of Three Kingdoms / Samurai /  Video game etc... □Twitter: □Archive:
  • China Twitter:@BARA_YUKI 新浪微博: ❤十束多多良❤
  • Taiwan
    ARCHIVE: Facebook : 最喜歡真波山岳! ジョジョ大好き!
  • Japan
    Nice to me too!! My name is Meisha.I from Japan,Osaka. I like the atmosphere of the Japanese manga utilizing. Please feel free to Follow!! Twitter account⇒@29reye Arc⇒ Layer Cloud⇒
  • Indonesia
    Hello! Nice to meet you all =D I'm Efaltia, a cosplayer and kameko (cosplay photographer) from Indonesia. I mostly do cosplay photography under the alias (and Facebook page) Mobius Atlantis, (..yet rarely have photos of my own cosplays-- orz). By the way, I'm also a youtaite (YouTube utaite/cover singer ;'tried to sing'er), active under this same name. = ] Thanks for visiting my page! =D
  • LAY
  • China
    :-D hi~~~I like HUNTER X HUNTER and JOJO so much!~ ins:
  • YUI
    Hong Kong
    -cosplayer+同人圖子+カメ娘 -衣裝自作派 Facebook Page> Instagram> yui930
  • Indonesia
    はじめまして! アイドル馬鹿で、インドネシアから来ます! 仲良くしましょう from indonesia, i'm rarely update at worldcos, so you can visit and be friend with me at twitter / facebook /o/ twitter : @naruma95 IG : @naruma95 Facebook :
  • Indonesia
    Hello ^^)/ I'm Adi.. Cosplayer from Indonesia.. Let's be friend ^_^)d Facebook: Twitter: @FadillahAdi Curecos Id: 360315 LINE: adi.fadillah
  • Indonesia
    (ノ・∀・)ノ♡ Hi, guys.. I'm Mottingle, I started cosplaying in 2012. I like to befriend with everyone.. so please don't be shy to greet me.. Well, nice to meet you!! My fandom : Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, Vocaloid, Naruto, etc.. ■Facebook: you can find me everywhere (youtube, instagram, line) just by searching for Mottingle name. 8D see you!
  • Japan
  • Thailand
    I'm TamaRPG, cosplayer from Thailand. ~Nice to meet you~! FB
  • Singapore
    Hello~ ヾ(^∇^) I'm Lenneth from Singapore/California. A self-paced cosplayer who never wants to stop learning. Nice to meet you! 你好,我是 Lenneth!是个新加坡/加洲coser。虽属于COS物自作派,還得請大家多指教! 狂戀中: Free!、 刀剣乱舞 ★Facebook (速報): ★Twitter: REPOST IS PROHIBITED.