Suzu (Rin Asatsukino)

Hello, thanks to visit my profile :D
My name is Rin (HK cosers would know me with different name but Rin is my web name) and I'm a Japanese coser who used to be lived in Hong Kong...and currently lives in Japan.
My most favorites are APH, Ghost in the Shell series, and Shaman King, but I have many other favorites too.
I can speak Japanese and English, yet I'm very poor at Cantonese :(
Hope you'd like my cosplays! :D
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  • NicknameSuzu
  • Пол Женский
  • Страна日本
  • 君治 きみチー
  • レイユウ
  • Yuri  Totoki
  • 伊座玖 カンヤ
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  • Zero
  • めろ
  • Gatomon
  • 蘋果
  • Maigo迷子
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  • 小栩
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  • 伊座玖 カンヤ
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  • Paty Fuentes
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  • レイユウ
  • 君治 きみチー