Hello!I'm Crayon!I am glad to be able to communicate with everyone on the WC!I also hope to become friends with everyone!I think we can get a lot of joy here!I am more shy, so not very good at speech!But once familiar with after that a chatterbox!So I hope to find here a lot of enthusiasts!I'm also learning English at this stage, because I want to go to London to play!So bless me 233333333!!
  • WorldCosplay No.76608
  • Nickname蜡笔
  • Пол Женский
  • Страна中华人民共和国
  • Faris_扶枫
  • H君
  • スイ
  • 蒼鬼
  • 十Asuka十
  • Fuu
  • 霊異(りょう)
  • 夜一kusoya
  • Sakuya
  • 智野
  • 花梨澤
  • Mun_木子
  • 魂菌
  • Kawaii Strawberry
  • onlyhumanjelly
  • Juhs Zoey
  • 魂菌
  • Cloud
  • AngelOfMusic
  • Kure Mah