Nikki Bee (Nikki Bee)
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    マクロスFとONEPIECEが大好きです!今期注目はガールズ&パンツァー! AKB0048にも手を出したいこのごろです。 自他共に認めるランカレイヤー!年齢に負けずがんばります!!
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    I have been doing cosplay since 2010, my first outfit being Bible Black that I wore to an event called "We Love The Con Day", which was also my first cosplay event ever attending. My first convention was Anime Evolution 2010 that was held at UBC, CA. I am not a well known cosplayer but I love dressing up and sharing my cosplays. I'm slowly trying to get better at what I do and I thank those who show me support. Facebook Page:
  • Canada
    I along with my sister have been cosplaying since April 2011. My favourite cosplay is Ranka lee any outfit!