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らるは (raruha)
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  • United Kingdom
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm Yu. I'm Vietnamese and I live in Shanghai, China
  • Usi
  • Thailand
    Hello, everyone. I am Alice, cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet u who visit my page. Hope you enjoy with my cosplay. (*[]*) please feel free if you wanna msg to me for asking,chatting or just saying "you like the same character that I do cosplay" That will make me so~~~~~` happy :3 Here below is my contact
  • Singapore
    instagram: @elaxias
  • Indonesia
    Hello Everyone .. --<3 my name is Riris .. from indonesia ... love about cosplay i`m cosplayer indonesia Salam kenal >_< Facebook : twitter : e-mail :
  • Brazil
    Aishiteru >.<
  • Japan
  • Argentina
    Hi, im Mari. Makeup Artist and Stylist from argentina. I Love the cosplay world. But i'm not a cosplayer. Woking on photoshoots! I Want to meet people from all over the world. if you speak english or spanish feel free to talk to me!
  • Japan
    パフォーマンスチーム  D.D;CLUB( ) Twitter… archive…70332 撮影・パフォーマンス様々な事で関西にて活動させて頂いております! お友達大募集中です。 Because photography, a performance varies, I am active in Kansai! I can only speak Japanese.
  • Indonesia
    Instagram @Reinnsama Tumblr
  • Taiwan
    Hi~i am Tsun! 這裡是小尊啊!! and this is my Web↓ 下列是經常使用的社群平台↓ Plurk: FB: Photo: if you have any question can use this to ask me↓ 如果有任何問題也可以在這裡發問↓ ASK:
  • Japan
    ジュリーです!よろしくお願いします! 日本語&EnglishはOKです!、 ポートフォリオサイト (Portfolio Site): 自分の写真やアートワークをここに変えます!応援してねぇ!(I sell photos and artwork on products here, please support me!) (^____^)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Germany
    Hi! I'm Naru! ^0^ Thank you for visiting my profile~ I've been cosplaying since 2006, mostly my favorite character: Uzumaki Naruto! If you have any questions or would like to cosplay with me, feel free to shoot me a message! :) Because I also visit conventions outside Germany!! ^___^ ✩☆✩ You can also find me on here: ✩☆✩ ✩ DA: ✩ YT:
  • Viet Nam