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らるは (raruha)
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  • Slovakia
    Hello I'm Auri! I am a huge fan of video games, anime and Japanese culture. I work hard of every one of my cosplays, so it's nice and as similar to real apperance as possible. So I hope you will like my work, now and also in the future. If you like my work, you can find more cosplay photos, or progress photos or other stuff on my FB page. Me and my colleague and boyfriend will be happy for every support! :) Our FB page:
  • Philippines
    Uisu! Ore wa Yuuki-desu. First of all, I'm not an active Cospalyer or not a Cosplayer at all for I can't call myself that yet. I am a Cosplay Picture-Taker. I take pictures mostly related to Cosplay stuff and I just enjoy it. I am the Co-Founder of is a group of Anime & Costume Play Enthusiasts, Amateur Photographers, Graphic Artists, Foodies and Travelers.
  • Viet Nam
  • Russia
    Hi, I'm AmaiYuki. I am cosplayer from Russia. I know English is bad Cosplay I'm doing with my daughter, AngelicFox. All our costumes we make ourselves I love cosplay Cosplay is my hobby
  • United States
  • Germany
    Hello,Guten Tag,大家好,こんにちわ。
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
    請多多指教 ★ plurk: FB:
  • Mexico
    ¡Hello, guys! I' am Mei, cosplayer of México city. Of october 2014. página:
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
    皆様初めまして!椋夜(りょうや)と申します!^^ 日本の広島を拠点に、九州・関西・関東など。 好きなものを好きなだけ!雑食でまったり活動しています。 I love KPOP♡2PM・BTOB・VIXX・BTS All of you nice to meet you!!^^ my name is ryoya. I live in Japan, Hiroshima. I do costume plays such as JOJO, Gintama, BL etc… Please respond if you like it! Twitter:xxgekixx Archive: HP:
  • Thailand
    Hi! my name is Petcha. I love cosplay and I'm cosplayer for Thailand Facebook : My page : My twitter :
  • Philippines
  • Italy
    Sara ╰☆╮ Italy. currents fandom: haikyuu!!; kamen rider gaim; the prince of tennis; daiya no ace other contacts: ✘ Tumblr ✘ Youtube ✘ Anobii ✘ My Anime List ✘ Skype or Msn Ask Me! ;)
  • Taiwan
    Hi I'm Chie(茄) U can also call me linghe(嶺禾) Poor English Slowly update... Just use as a photo album. Thanks! ●照片上傳整理中● 最近吳邪一直線 歡迎搭訕拍打餵食// PLURK: FB: 專頁:
  • Liu
    Fan Page:Liu&Hana Taiwan Cosplayer 泣花冥&流 → 我是流! 只是一個火神廚! Hello~~my name is Liu I'm come from Taiwan nice to meet you.<3 刀剣乱舞、東京喰種、黒バス、Free!、進擊、T&B、K、PSYCHO-PASS、青祓、うたプリ 微博→ Plurk→ 【The season of double light-COSPLAY同人寫真書】 Kuroko's Basketball Daiki Aomine&Taiga Kagami COSPLAY PHOTOBOOK ※ORDER&SAMPLE :