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    Ambitious newbie in cosplay^^
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    Hi, my name is Endy, I'm a Brazilian Cosplayer. I love Anime, Games and Cosplay. Nice to meet you guys, let's be friends! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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    Canadian voice actor & cosplayer, currently living in Japan. Tea, dog & food obsessed. Slowly trying to update this page to get it caught up with my other ones, so I apologize for the frequent postings for now! https://twitter.com/christinanovava/ https://instagram.com/christinanovava/ https://www.facebook.com/Christina-Nova-459347340907273/
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    facebook.com/cabbagemage instagram @cabbagemage I understand English and 中文 well~ Still learning日本語soまだまだだね〜 I appreciate all likes and comments even though I don't really respond to them. I'm just really awkward :) Thank you for dropping by!