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EKI★ (Eki holic)
South Korea
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    Hello. 안녕하세요 Twitter: @RainMirror_BTR @RainMirror_AC (For Global) Blog: Birth: 1995.11.02 Arctic Combat(also known BATTERY Online) and LAPD SWAT cosplayer 배터리 온라인, 그리고 LAPD SWAT 코스어 I like Grand Chase, Cyphers, and PowerPuff Girls series and almost Military Special Forces 그랜드체이스와 사이퍼즈, 파워퍼프걸 시리즈 그리고 거의 대부분의 군 특수부대를 좋아합니다
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    大家好 我是銀葉 陽(`・ω・´) Hi everyone,my name is gin-rifu you こんにちわ!僕はギンリーフです! 歡迎來到我的World Cosplay! Welcome to my World Cosplay! ようこそ、僕のWorld Cosplay! 是個新手,還請大家多多指教 ゚∀ ゚)// ゚∀゚)// Hope you'll like my cosplay and give me some opinion! みんなさんよろしくお願いします! ☆Facebook: (請先事先私訊否則一律不接受!) ☆粉專: ☆Plurk: (不常用注意) ☆
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    Finally.. After much bugging from friends, finally made WC account.. My name is Mikki from PH. Hobbies include cosplaying, watching animu and playing games. I love potatoes facebook:
  • South Korea It's not allowed to use my photos without permission. Thank you for following X)
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    [[Facebook Page]]
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    こんにちは! 你好^q^ 這裡是寧寧 這裡還沒有開放,過一陣唷!!
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