Matt (Miles Yagami)
United States
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    Name's Robin! I'm one half of the Fairy Runes Costuming duo. I've been attending cons since 2003, costuming seriously since 2004. I hope to add some of my favorite shots from all my costumes here.
  • Spain
    My facebook's site with my dear Jillian: Hi my name is Jonathan, this is my first profile as Cosplayer! I'm a cosplayer since 2008 but i really am a cosplay photgrapher =). Hope you like all my works as cosplayer and as phothographer
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    South Korea
  • United States
    Korean/ English I am a Korean cosplayer living in America!! I have been cosplaying since 2012 and still have a lot to learn >.> I don't bite. My favorite animes/mangas at the moment are: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, One Piece, Shokugeki no Soma, and OnePunch-man I'm a huge fan of the Monster Hunter and Dynasty/ Samurai Warriors franchise.
  • South Korea
    25/女/KOREA/twitter > @Star_TR_deligh
  • Austria
    Hi guys~ Im Lizzy from Slovakia and Im cosplayer since 07 and Im part of the Gensoukyoku Cosplay Group on YouTube. ~ 10nov - 16377 ~ 1183 ~ 34 ASK - DeviantArt - Tumblr - My FB - Thanks for look my galleries~ and following my pages :*
  • Indonesia
    let me interduce my self i'm Moel Umboh from indonesia... I take this character (master roshi) because i think this chara is suitable for me. my body, my face my head is close enaugh with real master roshi in dragonball movie :D like master roshi, i wanna make this world is fullfill with love and peace... no war at any region,nation,etc. thanks to everybody who support me to be a cosplayer... peace everybody ^^v
  • Brazil
    Cosplay Feitos: L (Death Note) Camus (Cavaleiros do Zodiaco) Hyoga(Cavaleiros do Zodiaco) Shizuo Heiwajima (Drrrr) Ben Tennyson(Ben10 Ultimate Alien) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children) Sasuke(Naruto Shippuuden) Shin (Nana) Mickey Mouse(A Fantasia 2000) Son Goku(DBZ and DBZ Evolution Costume) Dante (DmC) Staz C. Blood (Blood Lad) Cosplay que pretendo fazer: Cette (Trilogia Tormenta: O Terceiro Deus)
  • Venezuela
    Hello my name is Juan Carlos but can you tell me Pain :3, I'm from Venezuela and I have 17 years of age. I have not much time on this for cosplays but I consider it a fun activity.
  • Taiwan
    FB: plurk:
  • Thailand
    Hi' Arizu Norma [Liz] desu \(*^O^*)/ Japanese name : Mihora/Lizzuo I'm a Cosplayer in Thailand :D age 15 Hajimemashite Yoroshiku ne~ thanks for visit....! ! ! Cure Facebook twitter Fanpage
  • DD
    帝帝 DD ★FaceBook ★Blog ★Cure
  • Taiwan
    Blog: Cure: Da: Fb: Web: Weibo: IG: 哈囉~大家好我是晴漓~:) 請大家多多指教囉~XD Hi~ I'm Kyoko~ I am a Taiwanese's cosplayer~ nice to meet u everyone!!!\\\\\
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  • Brazil
    Hello! I'm Roddy :D I am a cosplayer since july 2009 and I love what I do. I cosplay characters who I really have something in common, and I try to do my best in every cosplay I'm in. I hope you like them!! ◆Fanpage: ◆Twitter: ◆Instagram: @roddypii ◆CURE: ◆DeviantArt: