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Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
    Hello * ^ O ^ *!!I am a cosplayer from Taiwan I'm glad you liked my work (///▽///) Here is my contact information: ๑個人FB~ ♥PLURK~ ♪weibo~ ☸E-mail~ (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥Welcome to Taiwan find me playing and cosplay together (≧∀≦)ゞ
  • Viet Nam
  • Brazil
  • Japan
    九州・中国地方でまったり活動しております 三國/戦国無双・jojo(3・4・5・7)・艶漢が大好きです♥︎♥︎♥︎ 無駄親子や吉良さん本当好きです!
  • Aka
    Hong Kong
    大家好( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 這邊是香港的cosplayer 赤o(`ω´ )o 多多指教了m(_ _)m
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Russia
    Hi! I'm Sparkleman. ^_^V Nice to meet you here. All my costumes made by me. You also may find my pages on another sites: galery - FB - VK - Instagram - Flyingsparkle If you want ask something -
  • Taiwan
    I'm come from Taiwan. FB: Twitter: make friend welcome=)
  • Italy
    Hi! I'm Lisa ~ I'm italian cosplayer since 2014 Hope you like my cosplay Follow me~ Facebook: Instagram:
  • United Kingdom
    りんです 現在イギリス(ロンドン)で留学してます マイペースにコスプレしています よろしくお願いします I'm Rin. I am studying in UK(London). I love cosplay and anime,comic . I can speak Chinese,English and Japanese Nice to meet you!
  • R
    Hong Kong
    Read Only Member / Lurker
  • wai
    Hong Kong
    各方面都仍在摸索中的萬年新手,同好交流歡迎!ヾ(。・ω・。)ノ 彈丸狂熱中,最近活動都會以彈丸為主,希望可以跟更多彈丸同好一起玩XD 主要出沒在plurk:
  • CAA
    The CAA is a photographic agency dedicated to conceptual and cosplay photography. WWW.CAAMAGAZINE.COM.BR We publish a Digital magazine with photographic works, taken by the CAA, dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi and cosplay culture. Photographers of the CAA: Ronaldo Ichi & Valesca Braga .... Twitter - @clickarteacao DeviantArt - Facebook -
  • KMP
    Viet Nam