AlpacONNIESM (Onnies)
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    Hi! I'm Horizon♪ from Malaysia. Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my cosplays, I will do my best to improve! (*^▽^)/ I speak English, 中文, Bahasa Malaysia and 日本語(少しだけ ><). Do not hesitate to come and chat with me! (*^▽^*) Facebook: Twitter: @ann_horizon Instagram: @ann_horizon Weibo: @安_horizon @Watayo
  • Russia
    Hello everyone. My name is Vladimir and I like VN, anime, game, manga, ranobe and etc. So, I want to make cosplay on these works and i`ll be glad if you enjoy it.
  • Indonesia
    Hi there! i'm Sammy or you can just call me Anastasya or Sam. I'm still new to cosplay, please support me~ i'm from Jakarta, Indonesia owo
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    Un seguidor amante del Cosplay sin tiempo ni talento para ejercerlo
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    ☾ Cosplayer • Bibliophile • Pun Enthusiast ☽ Master of the Art of Hair Bending since 1998 ➸ Next Event: Bon Odori ➸ Current WIP: Terra, Teen Titans Contact Me: Twitter: @godDANIIit Instagram: @goddaniiit Tumblr: E-mail: Got any questions? Ask Away!
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