Meimei Chibi (Meimei Chibi)
Viet Nam
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    Hello everyone!! I am a Vietnamese Cosplayer & Artist! My name is Mikan (Japan name: 蜜柑). Nice to meet you all ~~~♥ ps: I'm not good at English. So I have to use website "" to communicate 【Cure】: 【Deviantart】: 【BlogFB】: 【NickFB】:
  • TOR
    My name is Vorayoes you can call me Tor. I love anime/cosplay/song nice to meet you all!! (>▽<)b [Facebook]
  • Thailand
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  • Indonesia
    Nice to know you all~ I'm an alien! -^o^- ● Ample ● ● Cure ● ● Fb ● ● Twitter ● ● Instagram ●
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  • gou
  • Japan
    算是半个日本人,已经和正常的中国人没什么区别了。已入中国国籍。 北京上不了Facebook啊!!!!!! 都快不会说日语了。 日本人は、すでに半になったからといってと正常な中国人も同然だった。すでに、中国国籍を持っている。 日本语で话してもできない。
  • United States
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  • Germany
    Hello everyone, my name is Mizuki.(Height:1.48 XD) I'm a vietnamese Girl who lives in germany. O_ô I hope you like my Cosplays :3 Mizuki Facebook: YT;
  • Malaysia
    Halo~~~ im Chibi Chan from Malaysia OwO yoroshiku onegaisimasu OwO/ good in mandarin, but english still not good enough ( ´・ω・ˋ) learning japanese by myself in a very slow motion_(:3UL) Love anime manga more than game ///w/// the anime character love the most is NARUTO❤ for the female character right now id NICO YAZAWA❤ FB: Twitter: Weibo:
  • China
    Hello,this is Xuan yu.I'm from China~My English is not good. 英語不是很擅長Orz所以大部分會用中文還請見諒w片子出的不好希望可以提出建議【鞠躬 勾搭請走weibo or 半次元XD weibo: 半次元: 【My photos are all here.