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Kaede Mizui
Hi! ^^ I'm an Italian cosplayer and I started doing cosplay seriously only last year (2013) So, that's why I have still a lot to learn, and unfortunately school commitments don't help me to pursue this passion... However, I hope you enjoy my cosplays even if they're not perfect, and I also hope to meet other guys who share the same interests.
Thank you all ^^
If you want to talk with me, contact:
-my Facebook page "Kimiko cosplay shop"
-my e-mail:
  • Sexo Feminino
  • PaísRepubblica Italiana
  • Minato Kurai
  • Hachi Kurotsuki
  • Alambresion
  • ナツ
  • 黒蜜
  • 一之濑光
  • Akira Hime
  • Eugene
  • Kira
  • A$CE
  • 米线菌
  • Mahiru
  • 薇薇
  • Ciel-Sama
  • kwan
  • 蜜柑
  • Mary Kin
  • Haru
  • 夜香
  • Sailasus
  • 吉祥天
  • Minato Kurai
  • Hachi Kurotsuki
  • Alambresion
  • Vanessa Galletitaowo
  • Elizabeth Indoy