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Cryst (Cris Woit)
Hi I love cosplay and just starting out. Right now I am playing Resident Evil 6 and loving
every second of it. Fav anime is Rosario Vampire. And my favourite games are Final Fantasy games Parasite Eve, Resident Evil's and Mass Effect Trilogy. Feel free to look me up on
facebook, twitter and Playstation 3.

And I Love Coffee! All types and love trying new kinds.

PSN ID: Crist_27

Twitter: @CrisWoit

Cure No. 334237
  • WorldCosplay No.60460
  • ApelidoCryst
  • Sexo Masculino
  • PaísCanada
  • Elena Kucheruk
  • 鰐島 果凍
  • Sheenah
  • Hiccup Cosplay
  • 倉坂くるる
  • Evie
  • Revsito
  • Kure Mah
  • Princess Nightmare
  • Athena
  • 千夜
  • 真夜 武内
  • Kipi
  • Lucy Dark Dreams
  • tomokochi
  • Gin
  • Gin
  • Hiccup Cosplay
  • Nyxia
  • Ginsak Megu
  • Revsito
  • Agos Ashford
  • Kure Mah
  • 肥丁
  • 湘凌
  • Ruki Momoi