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    Hello, My name is Helena. I'm a cosplayer from Cyprus. 【cure】 【Blog】
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    Hi! I'm just a new cosplayer from the Philippines :D
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    19 | German | more british I'd say. | Comic/movie/series whatsoever cosplayer sometimes also anime or manga. "active" since 2012. Twitter: Tumblr: Animexx: next: Prof. Charles F. Xavier [ X-Men: First Class ] ~ Suit/Library/Oxford Birthday [ Hamatora ] ~ Basic Flippy [ Happy Tree Friends ] ~ Basic
  • Italy
    I'm from Italy and I'm still a lil' bit new in the cosplay world. Hope to make a lot of friends and a lot of good cosplays in the future! Nice to meet you all!
  • Spain
    Hey! Thanks for visit my profile! My name is MaiderLu and I live in the Basque Country (Spain). I really like cosplay, and I try to do them as well as I can. Hope you like my work. ;) You can follow me on: *Deviantart: *Tumblr: *Twitter:
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