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reika2011 (REIKA)
  • Malaysia
    HELLO~EYERYONE,I am Cosplayer from Malaysia~NICE TO MEET EVERYONE~!! 我是MALAYSIA的COSER虎轩~从英文读的话是泥泥啦啦~~叫虎妹也行╮(╯_╰)╭
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Myanmar
    Hi! I'm Mizu from Myanmar[Yangon/Insein]. I love Anime and Manga. I do some digital Drawing too..! Currently I'm trying to be a cosplayer. I really admire Aza Miyuko and Yugene Fay cosplayers a lot. Hope I learn how to be a great cosplayer like them!
  • Thailand
  • Angola
  • Japan
    Halo,I’m Dakne. 絵を描く二次元好き💜 Twitter: ARCHIVE: I draw it➡pixiv:
  • Viet Nam
  • Taiwan
    明明都在同一個時空下,卻不能在同一個空間裡 基本上都事關注別人的cosplay###
  • South Korea
    한국코스플레이어 새우깡입니다♪(*´∀`) Twitter @hatch020418 Blog
  • NOA
    South Korea
    Hi, I'm Noa
  • Japan
    わたしは、好きをあきらめない Thank you for coming to see my pictures. I am Japanese, but please do not hesitate to leave comments in English. (It doesn't have to be in Japanese.) I will try to reply as much as I can. Thank you so much.。+゚((ヾ(o・ω・)ノ ))。+!!! I love… HETALIA/NARUTO/DGrayman/ONEPIECI/黒子のバスケ/最遊記/ノラガミ/深夜隊/輪るピングドラム/黒執事/モノノ怪/魔法少女まどかマギカ/テイルズシリーズ/ARIA/Free!/軍靴のバルツァー/薄桜鬼/ユリ熊嵐
  • Indonesia
    call me mizel im a leader of SOAC(shuffle of allice cosplay) costum maker from jogja indonesia yoroshiku facebook=mizelesta ziki william twitter=@mizel_0_legion
  • Viet Nam
  • Russia