reika2011 (REIKA)
  • Australia
    Hi We are Team Filler a Cosplay & Media group Located in WA, Australia. We stared cosplaying as a group in 2014 We currently have 3 Members. -Neila- Skills: Prop creation Role: President -Valintine- Skills: Make up Role: Director -Zephyr- Skills: Wig styling Role: Secretary We cosplay anything from Anime - Video Games. If you wanna get in contact with us just leave a message on our Facebook page 2014-Current.
  • Singapore
    Cos-photographer from Singapore. More of my works at
  • Nat
    Como vou fazer meu primeiro cosplay este ano já criei este profile,farei daqui um diário para mostrar o crescimento...então espero que me ajudem muito aqui ^^ Arigatou!! Minna!!!
  • Malaysia
    Hello Everyone! DreamSky desu :3 imma Newbie Coser ~Yoroshikuyimasu >< 大家好,梦天 desu~ 新手coser来的w 请大家多多指教 `w`
  • Colombia
    Hola somos los papitos de este lindo bebito, queremos compartir con ustedes la alegría de ver a nuestro bebé personificar algunos personajes de anime en su versión chibi, gracias por seguirnos y apoyar a este artista que hoy nace ;)
  • Philippines
    Hi im charisse ron Philippines but u can also call me kuji im new here Im not really a good cosplayer but i love cosplay and anime oh... and vkei bands also heheh
  • Viet Nam
  • Viet Nam
    Hello, my name's Neo. I'm 13. My birthday My date of birth is April 22, 2001. Nice to meet you!
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
    Hey there, My name is Sanne, but you can call me Akuma. I am Dutch, but my English is pretty good. I love drawing and singing .. and soon I'll add cosplaying to that list when I'm more experienced ;) I would love to meet all of you people and talk abt cosplay ^w^ !! <3 <3
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