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Exia (Exia)
  • mai
    ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for the visit! Archive:142194 Cure:246766 ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Japan
    ALICHINOが大好きです。 いつも一人でやってるのでいつか冥美と写真を撮るのが夢です! 鶯丸と薬研藤四郎をこよなく愛しております。 Twitter@procyonriku
  • Japan
    Hello:) Name : Mr. Sex:women Blood Type :AB Location : Cosplayer from Japan
  • Japan
    自由気ままにコスプレしてます。 ♡:テイルズ、FF、.hack、コドリア、剣が君、レンドフルール、クロックゼロ、スイートクラウン、BWS、宵夜森の姫、オズマフィア、屍者の帝国 Archive: Twitter:
  • China
    今天开始在world cosplay上玩啦~~ 希望能认识更多的小伙伴~~ 这里渣浪@殊渊er_ 半次元@殊渊er_ 谢谢你们对我的喜欢~ Thank you for your love~
  • Taiwan
    我是IZUMI,歡迎大家交流認識喔:) Hi, I'm izumi, nice to meet you all. I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan. You can always be welcome to criticize and teach me. Thx:D ♥PLURK ♥TUMBLR ♥FACEBOOK
  • Philippines
    Hello! SeiCa here, been cosplaying for 5 years but I only have a few cosplays for now. Nice to meet you and please take care of me ^u^~ I've been to some conventions~ and hoping to go to more conventions and learn some cosplay tips~ :D Other cosplay pages: Cure Cosplay [] Deviantart [] Facebook: []
  • Singapore
    I'm Singaporean I've been cosplaying since early 2013 Nice to meet you! Facebook Page:
  • Tea
  • Taiwan
    Cosplay新手 請大家多多指教! 希望大家喜歡我的作品! Cosplayの初心者は皆に助言するように非常に頼む! 皆望まれる私の仕事を好む!
  • United Kingdom
    hi im a cosplayer from London my favourite game is drakengard my favourite anime at this moment in time is magi the labyrinth of magic
  • Indonesia
    Hello, Namieka here. Indonesia cosplayer, who love cosplay and often make my own costume and props ^v^ Let's be friend and nice to know you <3 My sites : ★ Fan Page : ★ Facebook : ★ Deviantart : ★ Twitter : ★ Instagram : ★ Ample ID :0000007718
  • Indonesia
    Hi, Dan Soe here. I'm Indonesia Cosplayer. Love anime, manga, and cosplay. kinda addicted with Pandora Hearts series. ah and whatsoever, this is me :) 【FB】:
  • Japan
    Somehow how do you do? Japanese Mikan Amaguri. I like an animation and a game very much. The costume is homemade. A friend of Cosplay wants. Thank you.
  • Italy
    Hi there! I'm Simone D'Olimpio, italian cosplayer, gamer (especially online) , athlete and this is my FaceBook's page, take a look if you want! (: ► .
  • Rei
    Hello! Thanks for watching!! I am a Cosplayer in Japan, I like video games. I'll do my best to take as a good photo. Thank you! (I'm sorry, I'm not good English...) *************************************** ただのゲーム大好きなレイヤーです。 よろしくお願いいたします。 *************************************** ↓こちらでも活動中です↓ Twitter:00_rei_00 Cure:91130 Archive:128650