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Pri Suicun (Pri Suicun)
  • Brazil
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  • Italy
    hello there :) my name is Alice and i'm an Italian cosplayer since 2006. my first cosplay was Kagura from inuyasha of 2007 ( it is also one of the characters which i love more) I am here to meet lots of new cosplayers .... so hey ​​you ! come and let you know :) - - my DA page ;)
  • Brazil
    Hello. Brazillian cosplayer, living in Rio de Janeiro. Love Live and Kancolle games player. My hobbies are games, anime, cartoons, comics figures and of course, cosplaying. Feel free to become a friend <3
  • Brazil
    Hello! I'm nyani, from Rio de Janeiro, 20-year-old! I don't really use worldcosplay very much, but I'll do my best~ I love moe anime and games. Idol wota, currently addicted to Kancolle. My favorite kanmusus are Taihou, Kongou, Amatsukaze and Prinz Eugen~ Feel free to add me! I can speak Japanese and Portuguese too. こんにちは!リオ・デ・ジャネイロ出身、20歳のnyaniです!worldcosplayはあまり使わないけど頑張りますー。萌えアニメやゲームが大好きなアイドルオタ。現在艦これがとても気になります。お気に入りな艦むすは、大鳳・金剛・天津風・プリンツだけど、好きな子達が色々ですね~英語もポルトガル語ペラペラのでお好みな言語で連絡どうぞー。
  • Brazil
    I'm Bruna Andrade, but you can call me Nana, Pandora or even Pandora Nana. Brazilian, 19 years old , Advertising & Marketing student. In love with anime and games, love cosplaying and feel part of this spectacular universe. Welcome to my world! My page: My Facebook:
  • Indonesia
    I'm a photographer from Indonesia that love cosplay and anime. Meeting new people would be my honor. 인도네시아에서 사진 작가이다 널 만난 나는 영광 :)
  • France
    Bonjour, Je suis photographe amateur depuis juillet 2012 J'ai également quelques gros projets de cosplay en cours, mais qui verront le jours que dans très longtemps. Si vous avez le temps, n'hesitez pas a aller faire un tour sur ma page Facebook ainsi que mon compte 500px.
  • Japan
  • Brazil
    Fotógrafo de cosplayers de Brasília, Brasil. Contato: +55 (61) 9124-8923
  • Spain
    Hello ♡ I'm in the cosplay since 20013/2014~ Hope you like my work ♡ • Facebook: • DeviantArt: • Tumblr: • Twitter: @MariaSarrio • Instagram: AlfieJones50
  • United Kingdom
    Hi, I'm from Britain and love manga, anime and cosplays and want to meet a lot of new anime addicted people around the world, just like myself. :D
  • Brazil
    The Armada Cosplay is a group of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, intended to incorporate characters in the Harry Potter saga, because we love Harry Potter! If you want to know more about our work, visit and enjoy our fanpage on facebook: We hope you enjoy our work.
  • Brazil
  • Brazil
    hope you like o/