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  • Philippines
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  • Malaysia
    Hi! Everyone~_( °ω °」∠)_ 當發現WC能上傳攝影作品的時候特別開心! 歡迎大家欣賞COS的攝影作品和自己的COS作品~_( °ω °」∠)_ 歡迎交流【一切都是不勉強的定律】 【ALWAYS USE/常用】 FB: PLURK: 【攝影專頁】 【ASK】
  • Taiwan
    Hi! I'm Niwa from Taiwan hope I can make friends with u Nice to meet u all ^^ *** [Plurk] [Facebook] [Ask] [Instagram] alexasa5
  • Viet Nam
  • Viet Nam
    I'm a cosplayer from VietNam Love cosplay,games and sleep (*` W `*)~ I'd love to learn about cosplay all over the world too ^^ 【Face Book】: 【Cure】: 【Devianart】:
  • Kai
    Singapore ♥Cosplayer ♥ Yowapeda ♥ Jeanmarco ♥ Fujoshi ♥ Cats ♥ Ice cream ♥ Coffee Facebook: Instagram: @hyouriii
  • Philippines
  • Mexico
    みんなさん ありがとう ございます o uo/ ~<3 \ Follow me on: Thank you!! c: ~ <3
  • China
    ❤想和你成为朋友。 ❤WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND . ❤ CN:惜音 。 想要成为温柔的光 。努力在进步 。 生活只随白驹过隙 。 书是生命 。 喜好太多 。 很好说话好勾搭 。 ❤ Hey ! My CN is Light_Psycho . I want to become the warm light . And I want to make progress every day . Life with only time . Book is life . Have wide interests . Easygoing . ❤Sina Microblog: ❤生日(Birthday):23/08 ❤国家(Country):China
  • Philippines
    im working as a barista and baker on a well known cafe in isabela Phil. I'm an anime and MMO addict and m proud of it! I love to cosplay because i want to live the life of the anime world hehehe!
  • Chile
    I'm a Chilean Cosplayer I love animals, science, music, video game, etc I am a costume designer and study Medicine Veterinary. Thank you very much for visiting my profile (^0^)/
  • United States
    Hi♪ My name is Bunnie. Let's be friends! よろしくおねがいします。 Facebook☆
  • United States
  • Canada
    Toronto-based! FB page: Group FB page:
  • Germany
    Hi there~ I'm Milu and I'm cosplaying for one and a half year now. I love it so much and I'm happy to meet so many friendly and lovely people! Deviantart: Tumblr: Please follow two of my best friends and me also on Facebook, if you want to. There we show our WIPs and our photoshootings too <3 Feel hugged :3