• Taiwan
    這裡是甜甜,台灣coser 偽姬少女 - 甜 Tien:https://www.facebook.com/Tien.Girl
  • Thailand
    Hi! Everybody >0< Gyaaa~~ I'm APRIL. Cosplayer from Thailand. *0*/ and I love VOCALOID! I have only my FB.https://www.facebook.com/april.hajimemashite
  • Hong Kong
    此生無悔入東方 來世願生幻想鄉 不可視境界線找尋途中
  • Japan
    Japanese cosplayer, live in Brazil 3DCGstudent, ilustrator, animu;mango fan https://www.instagram.com/sakura__addiction/ https://twitter.com/sakura_add15 Love Gintama;Vocaloid;Evangelion
  • Japan
    My name is Yayoi. ■Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/yayoicosplay/ ■twitter : https://twitter.com/yayoitsukikage ■instagram : https://www.instagram.com/yayoi260g/ ■COSPLAYS ARCHIVE : http://www.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?id=65668 ■youpic : https://youpic.com/photographer/yayoitsukikage/ ■blog : http://tomachi34.blog83.fc2.com/ I'm not good at English. I am able to read English a little, but I feel it very difficult to write it. 宜しくお願い致します!
  • China
    Hi! My coser name is Mohezhi , I'am from China ins:marijasmine12 Twitter:mohezhi weibo: http://weibo.com/521712312 e-mail:1902991717@qq.com May the joy and happiness around you today and always!
  • Ukraine
    Hi~ Cosplayer from Ukraine Graphic designer / artist Follow me ^^ Inst: sorui_ijimi https://www.patreon.com/sorui_ijimi
  • Hong Kong
    這邊SamSam~~~香港Cosplayer 渣渣納米Coser一名XD~~~ 主出LoveLive~~~V家~~ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lee.w.chun Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AomoriRingo3939 BCY: http://bcy.net/u/1491768 歡迎交流/勾搭XD~~~
  • Japan
    ラブライブ!、刀剣、喰種、Free!、CLAMP作品、るーみっく、幽白、封神、ふし遊、夏目、妖狐×僕SSなどが好きです ハロウィン時期はVAMPSの仮装で参加したりオリジナルもします グロ、白塗りもありますので苦手な方はご注意くださいませ tsuki写真垢ロム専 Twitter ・Instagram(@moonwhite310)さんhttps://twitter.com/moonwhite310?s=09 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015430722427
  • Germany
    Hi~ I'm Saki~ Nice to meet ya~ If you have a question just ask me~:) My FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/dazzlingbowtie Tumblr: http://dazzling-bow-tie.tumblr.com/ DA: http://saki-kisu.deviantart.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DazzlingBowTie
  • Russia
    Thank you for your likes! :3 My YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/Ongakuko FB: www.facebook.com/marina.sudarikova.12 Instagram: www.instagram.com/krutaiamaria/
  • Germany
    Hello I'm Kahori! I'm a german cosplayer. Cosplay is my passion since 2011 I have so much fun when I cosplay and I make the cosplays with all my heart ❥ I hope you like my Cosplays. I also feel very happy when I see myself changing by doing my hobby. Age: 26 ******************************** ? https://www.facebook.com/KahoriCosplay/ ?https://www.instagram.com/kahoricosplay/ ? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkc3Ot8Ep8jK6VqFBsiX3rg
  • EAn
    South Korea
    Costume Player E_An
  • Philippines
    Hi! I'm Katiecakey from the Philippines. I started cosplaying way back 2009. and my first cosplay was Miku. Nice to meet you! :) i like cosplaying characters from old or classic animes. because i want to relive the characters i loved while growing up. my facebook page is Katiecakey (warning: some posts are ero, gravure or softcore lewds) my instagram is Katiecakeeey my twitter is @darthcakey let's get along! <3
  • Viet Nam
    Yukino B. Yuriko, my full nickname. The letter "B" is the mysterious one, guess what it means, lol
  • Italy