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奧崎 凪 (Okuzaki Nagi)
  • South Korea
    ▽☞------------------------------------------------------------------------------☜▽ ☞My Room▽ Blog: ☞My SNS:▽ Nate ON:miamikidby1412_ghd0612 SayClub Tachy:tongcast ☞My Link:▽ Afreeca 저에게궁금하신것있으신분들은SNS 친구추가신청해주세요 Link는 원엠프&인터넷방송클릭하셔서 즐감하세요 저는 사진을못올리는사정으로 팔로워와즐겨찾기만합니다. 몸이불편해서 사진을못찍으니 양해부탁드림니다. 주위사항:사진&이미지없으면 팔로워않받음 확인후허락함 공지사항:욕설,악성댓글,나뿐언어,상처나아품주는글,광고등 금지 다른곳에서도 지켜주세요
  • Macedonia
  • Italy
  • Taiwan
  • Iran
  • Taiwan
    大家好 我是台灣的coser 還是初學者 請大家多多指教W fb:
  • www
  • Canada
  • France
    Hi , i'm a french cosplayer which began since 2012. i'm still a beginner but i intend to get better with time :) Facebook : My cosplay page : My DeviantART : Ask : Instagram :
  • Taiwan
    全名雨唯雪,暱稱小雪 臺灣cosplayer,南部人 目前鮮少看動畫,出角小說與遊戲為主 自認還是正常人的智障,標籤常常很有病(笑 ♥plurk: ♥Facebook專業:*頹廢系少年少女*葎希〃雪(σ゚∀゚σ) ♥信箱 歡迎同好一起交流(๑'∀'๑)
  • Viet Nam
  • Taiwan
    哈囉 我是秋葉 梨 來自台灣的coser 請多指教^^ こんにちは 私は秋葉ナシです 台湾のコスプレイヤー どうぞよろしくお願いします^^
  • Indonesia
    You can call me chris or Ersa Nice to meet you :) Still a newbie cosplayer, but I will keep learning :)
  • Taiwan
    大家安安/* 我還是菜鳥新手/* 有不足還請多指較/* Hi~ My name is sakili /* Nice to meet you/* / FB:!/profile.php?id=100003721872312 Pluck:
  • Brazil
    ( ∩´ω`*∩) Hello ~ I am Nanda ☆ Nyan live in Brazil. I'm 18, I like to do cosplay, I'm trying to give the best of min for all of youヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ Thank you for supporting me ♡*:・゚✧♡ °₊·ˈ∗(ノ>▽<。)ノwhere you can also find me