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    Hi my name is Rafa, I started cosplaying since June 2014 and I Cosplay for fun... ^_^ Facebook Page:
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    Hi, I am not a cosplayer but I like to view and appreciate this art. I usually do a few editing jobs. Here I will upload some of the photos I take in cosplay conventions. Feel free to get in touch at anytime. I like to meet new people/cosplayers. Let´s take some pictures together sometime ^.^ You can find me on: DEVIANTART: INSTAGRAM: @jeff_0liver Take care ^^
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    终于在被摄影挂出去前发片了啦! 这套片后期折磨我好久,终于解放!努力做了4种技能,虽然好像看不太出来…… 因为拍了两次,后期时间也很长,期间还换了一次电脑 第一次和第二次的身材也好不一样QAQ 出现了好几种画风请不要介意 很努力的出LOL的,希望可以用自己的方式来感谢那些不嫌我坑一起LOL了好几年的小伙伴! 真的非常感谢各位帮忙! 尤其是摄影“这两年就为这套片”哈哈哈,小剧场在最后 如果时间允许晚几天送上尾巴的后期教程(*^__^*) ----------正片分割-----------------
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    El arte del cosplay es algo que admiro mucho y acá hay maravillosos cosplayers
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    Im Cosplaying not to Impress nor to Express Im Cosplaying to "be"
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    Hello! I'm Omar Al-Abeidani (also known as Goki). I'm a cosplayer from the Philippines. Since I started cosplay since 2008. I love watching anime, otaku, travelling, video games, music videos and more. I love meeting new friends. Thank you for viewing my profile. ADD ME UP to the following websites: Twitter: Facebook Account: Facebook Page:
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    Nick Name : Kenjimura - KENJI Personal FB : FB Name : kenjimura Chow Like Page FB :
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    Mi amor el Anime Mi pasion el Coplay Mi razon de vivir mi hijo :D Adoro poder hacer cosplay junto ami hijo :D Perfil de Pagina del Face Ebay Prints DeviantART Cure World Cosplay