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    Im A, Pet Lover, Graphic Designer, Artist, Techie, Gamer, Music Lover, and Proud Otaku. in short im Geeky [FB] https://www.facebook.com/adictedkid [Twitter] https://twitter.com/GeekyGhostGuy
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    Cosplayer, proper, popcornman and more!!!!. n_n!!!! Fanpage FB: https://www.facebook.com/PeterElPandaCosplay
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    Hello everone.I'm is cosplayer in Thailand.Nice to meet you ≧///≦ ❤Black butler❤Ciel Phantomhive ❤bleach -twitter- https://twitter.com/yusakura14 -.instagram https://www.instagram.com/yusakura_coser/ -Fanpage FB- https://www.facebook.com/usakuracostome/?pnref=story -channelGIFs- https://giphy.com/channel/paweenausakura -channelyoutube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBvU6WfyowsQC0xwxVdDFnw -Thanks to the follow~♥
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    I'm Maki Gakupo, a girl of the Balearic Islands, Spain and now living in Lleida, Spain. I can not say exactly when I started with the world of cosplay in 2009 or so. I try to make my best, I'm not super talented, and I don't have some much time. Thank you for reading this and have come into my profile. More about my cosplay: https://www.facebook.com/nectardesangre/
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    ハロー、皆さん ❤ わたしはDueanmaru, タイのコスプレイヤーです。 日本のアニメとか、まんがとかが好きです。 BLのが一番大好きです。(笑) ごめんねT.T わたしの日本語は下手です。 今、日本で日本語を勉強しています。日本語は難しいですが面白いです。これから、がんばります。 よろしくお願いします。=w= ❤ Hello! everyone ^^ ❤ I'm Dueanmaru, Thai's cosplayer. Luv Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Music, and Ice-cream. Nice 2 meet u, wanna be friend with all of u, xoxo:)❤ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/duean.marumaru Page http://www.facebook.com/DueanmaruCosplay