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    こんにちは! わたしたちは「AluKana(アルカナ)」です!。 まだはじめたばかりですが、よろしくお願いします! HI~ Nice to meet everyone!! I can speak Japanese,Korean,a little English. studying now...english X) うーうー produce Morujiana:Aluga Alibaba:Kanamu
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    Hi, it's Rina from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you :) -Link to my blog- [FB] [fc2 blog] [WEIBO] [Lofter] [plurk] [twitter]lelisoran [IG] pinktoro555
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    Hello,I am Sayaka. Nice to meet you. :) [deviantART]
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    I am a Hongkonger. Nice to meet you~ 私は香港人です、 よろしくお願い致しますww ♪ SoundHorizon ♪ KagerouProject ♪ 薔薇のマリア ♪ PandoraHearts ♪ アイナナ ♪ ツキウタ。 ♪ Unlight ♪ うた☆プリ ♪ Clamp ♪ Digimon ♪ ........etc 目前主要Cos作品:♪ SoundHorizon ♪ PandoraHearts ♪ アイナナ ♪ Website: Plurk: Cure: 254374 Facebook:
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    放置用☠ plurk*kastumei 專頁*
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    好きなキャラや作品を好きなだけのんびりやってます。 とうらぶ/マギ/ネオロマ/艦これ/FF/ニトキラなどが大好き。 いつも♥︎ありがとうございますvv Hello!&Nice to meet you. I'm Mitsuki, Japanese cosplayer. I look forward to your continued acquaintance.(*'v'*)♥+* アーカイブ *
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    I'm Shuin, otherwise known as Yooi. I love to meet new friends through cosplay and love for the series, so feel free to talk to me! Nice to meet you! I love Durarara!! シンガポールからのレイヤー Shuinと申します!よろしくお願いします デュラ本命
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    HELLO ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ my name is Ying I'm Taiwanese cosplayer. MY FB(fan page)> MY IG(handmad photos)> MY TWITTER >
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    Hi there! I'm Ayriel, I´m from Mexico! Things i love: Cosplay, sewing, reading, writing, fashion design, singing, nature, beading, bakery, accessories, coffee, lolita, vintage and goth fashion, artistic makeup. My facebook page: My deviantart: My facebook: My Tumblr: thanks <3
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    Thanks for visit my profile (^^) & Thank you very much to all my followers (^з^)-☆ よろしくお願いします.. o○♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆ ❤❤I LOVE GINTAMA ❤❤ ■Page: ■Page Team Gintama: ■Facebook personal: ■Deviantart: ■Cure No. 331702 ■Youtube: ■Instagram:
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    Hello,I'm Sumiyo or Mikanz. I'm Thai. Thank you for ❤ and for watching. Nice to meet you all.
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    My name is Ruki and I'm a Cosplayer from Spain! Actually I live in Tokyo doing idol singer activity! My Major debut album name is [Japani Beats! Ruki Special vol.1] Please support my dream! ✿HP: ✿AmeBlog: ✿Facebook Page : ✿Shop: ✿Twitter: ✿Youtube: