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    Hi! I'm Sakura Katsumi. ♥ I'm a cosplayer from Myanmar. ♥ Nice to meet you all^^I hope you would like my cosplay ^_^ ♥ Thank you so much for supporting me! ♥ Yoroshikune =) Pls visit to my facebook page too. Facebook - Instagram - sakura_katsumi
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    Hello~! > u < I'm Yuu and I'm from Germany. I started cosplay in 2011 and aim to improve with every costume! ♥ Feel free to visit me on: • Twitter: • IG:
  • Indonesia
    Hello Everyone... I am Arief Rozen Heart. but my real name was Arief Rachman Priambodo and my friends always call me arif. i am a Cosplay Photograper From Surabaya,Indonesia Working Hard on Levelling Up My Photography and Editing Skills ^^ i also have my own Page on Facebook : Arief Rozen Heart Photography ( Nice To Meet You Everyone :)
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    i Like the cosplay