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    안녕하세요 중부권 코스어 달포입니다! 부족하지만 잘부탁드려요 ㅎㅎ blog : twitter : @thdlals55 - 제사진을 허락 없이다른 곳에 업로드 하지 말아주세요! -
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    Hi! Our names are Marina and Nastya. We are creators of the cosband "Apple wolf" from Russian city of Tula. I am Marina and I am a photographer and a cosplayer. And I am Nastya. I am a crafter and a cosplayer too. Often we invite our friends to help. A lot of people are ready to help us. Our favourite model is Nastya's son Matvey.He really loves cosplay. And he is an awesome actor! You can subscribe. Let's start!
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    名為白的奇怪生物 食蛋糕餅乾糖果為生 用有以下病症 ☑無可救藥大叔廚 ☑深度姊控((快來當我姊姊 ☑搭訕歡迎 PLURK:
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    Hello, my name is Lorena, but I prefer being called by my last name Vignon. I am currently studying design at the university and I want to specialize in illustration. I love working with traditional drawing, especially involving water-colors and ink. My social networks:
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    Hi everybody!!! c: I am andy, from Ensenada, Mexico. The first time that I saw a cosplay, I fell in love with this art. I think this page is very interesting, and I hope you like my cosplays, I am not the best, but I love my hobbie <3 Here is my facebook page:
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    Hey! My name is Camila (Camii). I'm a newbie brazilian cosplayer. Hope you enjoy my work! Facebook: Twitter: My Sword Art Online Site: My Sword Art Online page: Arigatou minna! ^-^
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    Hi^^ I`m cosplayer from Viet Nam. I`d love to know more about cosplay all over the world >..< I love being a cosplay photographer too U can find my work here If you have question Website : Blog: Facebook: Deviantart: Ample:
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    這邊是皇///也可以叫我Ed(ㄧㄉ(X) 搭訕請先私噗。 ←最近AVG、HP狂熱中 Hi<3 I'm Ed, from Taiwan --Asgard--(X) Hope you like my cosplay photo.^^
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    Hi! Soy Yuni, soy Chilena y me dedico al cosplay desde el 2009; Disfruto mucho hacer cosplay, conocer gente y caracterizar a los personajes que mas me gustan de anime y videojuegos, sobretodo cuando lo hago con mis amigos, mi novio y mi hermano Rayfon :3 Espero les gusten mis proyectos!
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  • United States dA - tumblr. - FB -