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    I'm a cosplayer who loves what he does, despite all the movement itself. I think there is fair competition and future great friends through this. IN SINCE 2005-2006 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yo soy una Cosplayer que me gusta hacer lo que hago:3, me gusta disfrutar cada momento grato que pueda . Desde 2005-2006 My Page:
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    來自香港的呀飛 請各位多多指教♥ [轉友佳句] 你看見的相片全都經我PS過的 全部都是假象(無誤www FAYR, a HK-based cosplayer. Strawberry-lover. Never a gentleman. ♥ List of Beloved anime/comics/characters ♥ Hope you enjoy my cosplay ♥ Thanks for all your supports 【Facebook】Haruka Suzuki
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    -------------------------- 你好,我是曦大/// 是香港COSER._. 出得不好請多多見諒m(_ _)m 如加FB請INBOX哦//(欸 Eng(?) here is SunHey~~// nice to meet you O///w///O i am Hong Kong cosplayer~ if want to be fd in FB please INBOX me~~^^ ------------------------------------------- Facebook : Cure No : 334110 Weibo : Coser曦大 Plurk : Yam天空 : +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Like♥ \腐/\人類/\男子/ +*+*+*+*+*+*+