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  • Germany
    Usually I'm a fire red haired punk chick, that enjoys to play videogames, sing, illustrate, skateboard and so on! Love cats&my love<3 I put a lot of effort&love in details&I'm a bit of an perfectionist. Always try to get into the character a good as i can! I'm short with 1,57m but for cosplays i usually use plateau or highheels Really hope you enjoy my cosplays! I give my best to improve as good as I can! Thank you for stopping by<3 (。・ω・。)ノ♡
  • Taiwan
    I come from Taiwan English and Japanese not good ,but communication OK Main language is Chinese. Enjoy here :"D Weebly: FB:
  • Chile DA: >w< <3
  • Hong Kong
    (。-∀-)♪ Cure No. 330102 ♥ Pop'n Music ♥ Happy Tree Friends ♥ Usavich ♥ There's 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you.(*´▽`*)I LOVE YOU. (Rest .MODE) Welcome to chat:D 在圈外浮游的低調派 ♪____THANKS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY___♪
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    Other pages: ● ●
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    here we go again~ YAY COSPLAY 8D check me out on ACP: Facebook: DeviantArt: and the twitter thing:!/CeruleanDraco