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Shintaro Midorima

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    CDIC Cosplay will be having a Q&A video! Please message us your questions! Just a small town group cosplay. We hope that you enjoy our pictures!! -C.D.I.C Cosplay Members: Diz Llama Kai Bug Morganimatronic (Admin)Sydk167 ( ) Yuzuki Check out our YouTube channel!! Our Facebook page! We have a twitter! @CDIC_Cosplay We have an Instagram!
  • Colombia
    Hi, Everyone. My name is Jorge Mosquera, but you can also call me George or "Korii". I'm a Colombian cosplayer and language teacher. It's a honour to meet cosplayers from different countries and learn a lot from them. There are few black cosplayers in my country, but I'm proud of being one of them. I like to give "MY STYLE" to some cosplays, but without losing the essence of the character. Visit my page:
  • Taiwan
    這裡是 Sun雨 是個喜歡妹紙的大叔無誤╮(╯▽╰)╭ Cos方向主要是男角居多 偏好小說 雖然心有餘可是錢不足(〒︿〒) 如果在Cos的方面有問題或是錯誤的地方請多多指教(*˘︶˘*) 我會改進的!! はじめまして あたしは Sun雨 です 台湾人です 日本語があまり上手じゃありませんから、意味がわからない場合なら、本当にすみません< ( _ _ ) > どうもよろしくお願いします Hi! My name is Sunrain. I'm from to Taiwan. Nice to meet you!
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    Hello! I am Vina Sound :) Please check out my cosplay page もう五年日本に住んでる、いろいろコスプレイヤと仲良くなりたい~~ 日本語全然大丈夫です!よろしくお願いします