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    o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ Facebook: Cure: Twitter: Weibo :
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    目前:弱ペダ、ハイキュー、ダイヤのA plurk: fb: twitter@kasuka420
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    hi!!! my cosname is pichii i'm thailand cosplayer thank you for follow me -w-
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    嗨你好哈囉:3 就是隻懶懶熊(各方面)
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    Animexx: Bellice Cosbase: Natsu Instagram: Bellice_cosplay
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    Contact me using twitter or homepage~ => (>,<)/ I'm costumeplayer in Korea, republic of. I LUV GINTAMA!!!!!! Thank U very much for your visiting! ^-^* 銀魂を愛しています!! 日本語は翻訳機を使っています. 銀魂 コースプレーヤーたちとツイッターで交流したいです. 안녕하세요. 은혼을 좋아하는 코스플레이어입니다. 홈페이지를 통한 교류는 언제나 환영합니다.
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    大家好!我是妃妃♥ 小小的COSER一枚,喜歡跑跑場次,私拍和團拍通常都是私服比較多,歡迎大家搭訕喔! Hello,My name is Feifei.A coser.Welcome to make friends.But my Engilsh is poor. こんにちは,私の名前はきさき,一个新手COSER,歓迎とき友人,リトル日本語。 Facebook: Plurk:
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    大家好~我是奶綠~ 還請大家多多指教唷~~~ :) FB專頁:
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    Hi ~~~~~ <3 We are Vietnamese cosplayers ~~~ Here is our Facebook page :
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    ♪ Cosplayer from Finland ♪ Hopefully meet new cosplayers here! ♪ I like otome games/drama cds,2Didolboys, adekan, utapri, tsukiuta/tsukipro,B-Project, ensemble stars, touken ranbu, marginal4, lagrange point, diabolik lovers, yume100, onmyoji etc. a lot ~ ♪ blog (Finnish) ♪ facebook twitter @SparkleTokiya
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    Hi all.. nice to meet u all... I`m Xiaolay from Malaysia.. Let enjoy cosplay together.. ^^ My Page :
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    Hello,I'm Hana. :D 【FB】