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再儿 (Zeal XV)
United States
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  • GGO
  • Malaysia
    Hai~ I'm Dante I‘m Malaysian wish you follow me and like me more~(*/ω\*) 嗨~ 我是但丁 我来自马来西亚 希望你们多多关注也给我多一点赞哦w Like ·Anmesia失忆症 ·Blech死神 ·Death Note死亡笔记 ·Gintama银魂 ·Kamigami No Asobo诸神的恶作剧 ·Tokyo Ghost东京喰种
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand
    Hello! I'm Kelly and I come from New Zealand (香港/台灣人) 大家好, 我是Kelly. 英文+中文都okay! 請多多指教~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ☆ deviant art: ☆ instagram:
  • Viet Nam
    Yo, you guys are all know my name, KabaKaka = Kaba (the hippo~) + Baka (every one know what it means) + Kaka (poop :v) I'm very young, only 13, but I love cosplay, so~~~~~~~~~~~~~ nice to meet you Ò v Ó
  • United States
    I have cosplay: Elizabeth Middleford from black butler, Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto, Deidara from Naruto, Matt from Death Note, Ayame from Fruits Basket. I will cosplay this year: Annabeth chase from PJO&HOO, Lady Howl, u will undertand later, Hide from Tokyo Ghoul, Lumpy Space Prince, and Shura from blue exorcist.
  • Thailand
  • Viet Nam
  • Malaysia
  • RaY
  • Malaysia
  • United States
    aka Chihiro2501 Facebook: A Viet cosplayer from Texas I've been cosplaying since March, 2014 Please don't take/use my photos without my permission I make all of my cosplays My cosplays so far: 1) Asuna from Sword Art Online (debut in March 2014) 2) Hero Emilia from Hataraku Maou-sama (debut in April 2015) 3) Sona from League of Legends (in progress)
  • Brazil
    For me, do a cosplay of a character is honor the serial altor. Also, I feel happy cosplaying a character I love so much ... If you want to be my friend (or something like that) ... Idk follow me! I have other networks too: *: ・゚ ✧ ・゚ I'm Brazilian so unfortunately, if you want to find me ... it will be a little difficult.
  • Russia
    I start to do cosplay in 2010. I hope you'll love my works!:) You can also see my pages here: Facebook - Youtube - ask - Deviant - Cosplay com - Cure cos - Tumblr - Instagram - VK: