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    Hi, I'm a Vietnamese cosplayer :3 My dream is to cosplay every Diabolik Lovers' character and version :3 Luv <3
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    我是歐契ww 可以叫我 Oxygen 喜歡的有 刀劍 APH LL 七大罪 以上 喜歡的話留下一個讚吧w
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    Monkey D. Luffy ( Japanese : モ ン キ ー · D · ル フ ィ; UK : Monkey D. Luffy) is a character from the Japanese manga One Piece , and is considered the protagonist of the story. The story of One Piece 's Luffy begins when traveling out to sea . To gather
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    Hi,everyone.I am Adriano from Romania.I am a student,otaku and gamer.I like anime.
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    你好w我叫choi ,單反快門操作員一名
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    漫画・アニメ・ゲーム広く浅く何でも好きです。 本格的にカメラ活動始めたばかりで撮影技術はまだまだですが宜しくお願いします。 ここでカメラマンさんや素敵なレイヤー様達と交流出来ればと思います!!
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    hiii i'm not THAT good ad socialize with others but i do my best. i am very openminded and love to meet new people! i adore alexstrasza and am a heavy tea drinker. i looove tea. (well sometimes it needs a bit of sugar haha) nice to meet you! thank you for visiting my profile! if you like my work, it would be cool if you give my facebook page 'weaquen' a like :3 thank yoooou! hope to see you soon at a convention? xoxoxo wea'
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