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    こんにちは。そらたろうと申します! 15歳の初心者レイヤーです。 刀剣乱舞・あんスタ・おそ松さんLOVE♡ 刀剣乱舞では鳴狐・一期一振をやっております! これからよろしくお願いします! Hello.My name is Soratarou! Ⅰam fifteen. Ⅰam from Japan. Ⅰlove Touken Ranbu Osomatsu and Ansuta very much! Nice to meet you! Twitter https://twitter.com/?lang=ja
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    Welcome to my Worldcosplay profile. I'm just a school girl who loves twintails ^_^ My FB page: https://fb.com/KukuCosplay My cosplay pictures are mostly in cute, bright, colorful style. Hope you guys like them, and follow me please for more ^_^!
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    I love Anime (Especially Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, Mekakucity Actors, Inazuma Eleven/Go, Free!, Kuroko No Basketball) and I love VOCALOID (Kagamine Twins, KAITO, Oliver and YohioLoid (VOCALOID 3)
  • Canada
    Hi!!I'm Midori-mokuzai,I'm a cosplayer since 2009 This year I'm working on a lot of cosplay from Hakuouki (almost all the character XD) especially Heisuke Toudou, Saito Hajime and Okita Souji I will probably do the season one and two version and also the Musouroku ver. Well lot of work to do XD Work in progres on my Facebook page : https://m.facebook.com/Midori-mokuzai-300574266796926/?ref=bookmarks
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    ~你好(⌒‿⌒) 这里是TOM 是來自马来西亚的cosplay 請多多指教咯 希望可以跟各位成为好朋友 HI guys(⌒‿⌒) i'm TOM from malaysia Nice to meet you and i Hope you will like my cosplay Facebook >> Tom naki Instagram >>https://www.instagram.com/xxxjacemot/?hl=en
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    Hello everyone! ❤ I'm cosplayer from Finland. Now, cosplay isn't my job. It's more like hobby to me. I haven't been cosplaying long time yet. Maybe about 2 years, more or less. ^^' But I hope you enjoy the pictures, I've taken. Lots of love! ~ Emmi My Tumblr: http://xxberzerk-cosplayxx.tumblr.com/ (xxberzerk-cosplayxx) My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XxBerzerk-CosplayxX-1635555429990770/ (XxBerzerk-CosplayxX)
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    万里奈、またはナキと申します、スペインと日本のハーフです!(*´ヮ`)ノ普段はスペインに住んでいますが夏は東海地方におりますので、併せなど大歓迎です!!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 気軽に絡みたいです! 現在刀剣乱舞にどハマり中ですが、旬アニメや漫画は大体チェック済みです!近々刀剣乱舞の歌仙兼定(戦闘服と内番服)と僕のヒーローアカデミアの緑谷出久(戦闘服)をやる予定です 日本語、スペイン語、英語なら話せますのでよろしくお願いします!! I'm Naki and i'm half-Spanish and half-Japanese!(* ̄∇ ̄)ノ Most of the time i'm at Spain but in summer i always go to Japan.Right now i'm trapped in Touken Ranbu hell ( ;´꒳`;) Nice to meet you all!
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    Hy im michie~ Tiny Potato from Indonesia (~*´︶`*)~ Nice to meet u all 😚 Hope u guys enjoy my page~ Fb page : https://www.facebook.com/michiiie/ Instagram : @michie.chi
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    I am Ece from Turkey! I am new here.. It seems I can't do amazing things like everybody here but I would like to share my attempting to cosplaying as much as I can do (mostly unfinished or epic fail) however don't mind me ^^
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