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淑生 (yoki)
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  • Viet Nam
    閲覧ありがとうございます!私は紗月(satsuki)です。 私は今香港に住んでいます。 趣味は旅行と絵を描くことです。 ん...それ以上ですね_(┐「ε:)_ お目にかかれてうれしいです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします! =Personal facebook=
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, i'm HaPhongDu :3 :3 :3 I'm Vietnamese and love anime, manga, cosplay.... I'm just a newbie. :3 :3 :3
  • Germany
    Hello guys! I'm a Cosplayer since 2010 and from Germany! You can call me desirre or desicchi! I love cheesy and cute stuff <3 I wish to become a better cosplayer and do a lot of great costumes in my future! Feel free to contact me any time <3333 For WIP's and Stuff you can also find me on Twitter: and with my loved one on Facebook: Have fun, see you soon!
  • Taiwan
    我是阿NI 主要繪師 cos過的次數不到3次 正在努力中 COS為第二興趣 此網大多關注用 技術訓練中 等變帥哥在上傳照片 請多多指教
  • Hong Kong
    請大家多多指教><//// 灰古的可以了w 很樂意和大家交個朋友twt///// 初めましで、、 灰古です=) 今、日本語わ苦手ですが><、 時間が合っだら勉強してもらいます><""" よろしくお願いします=」 Nice to meet you all//
  • Philippines
    Small for my age. XD A bit awkward with socializing. >///> A Civil Engineering student. SangMel (Sanguine and Melancholic): A newbie in cosplaying. I started cosplaying on 2014. :D A frustrated writer, singer, painter. So frustrating. Wut? 0__0 Nyahahaha~ I have a lot to learn so feel free to share your opinions. :'3 Thanks for visiting my profile! Hugs and Kisses! XD
  • Taiwan
    我來自台灣,歡迎交流ξ( ✿>◡❛) I'm from Taiwan.Welcome to exchange. 非~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~常高興認識你唷唷唷!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you!!!!!!!!!! (PLURK) (ASK)
  • China
    咪啪 weibo: Cure No. 347636 半次元 No. 106649
  • China
  • may
    Yam: ask: plurk: 台灣coser喜歡京阿尼&歐美^^^^^ 歡迎搭訕///
  • Denmark
    Hi I'm Reef~ I'm from Denmark, and I've been cosplaying since 2010 so welcome~! feel free to take a look around~ thank you for visiting my profile! ^w^ Facebook - Tumblr -
  • Hong Kong
    ☆Thank you for visiting my page (^・ω・^ ) Its a pleasure to meet you ♥♥ hope you love my cosplays~ ( ~・ω・)~ i will do my best.Have a nice day ! (๑´ㅂ`๑) 【Face Book】: 【DeviantArt】 : <= this account is not activated anymore,because i was hacked.This one is my official account now.
  • South Korea
  • Poland
  • Hong Kong