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夜玖璃須 (Yo Chris)
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  • Russia
    Hello there! I'm a cosplay-photographer and cosplayer from Russia! You can see my works at And here =^__^=
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    コスプレ好き,台湾に住みます,中国語,英語OK. 日本語は少ししかわからない. Love cosplay, Live in Taiwan right now. Chinese, English OK Cover photo by Joshua Jiang
  • Thailand
    Mine Cosplay is Pre Order shop , tailor cosplay and mark prop in Thailand. is group cosplay , 3 layer have Poporing , Pang, and Momo
  • China
  • Taiwan
    WCID/25412  cure number/146619 Plurk/_yami Facebook/ nice to meet chu♥(ノ゚∀゚)ノ♥
  • Taiwan
    Page: blog: plurk: (´//////`)♥
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
    Hi, I'm Nagisa Medinilla Nadaviana✩ An Indonesian cosplayer♫ I'm based in South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia❤ I either hand sewed or glued some costumes, sorry for the imperfections o(╥﹏╥)o Let's be friends! \(≧∀≦)/ Facebook Page: Blog: Cure: 359784
  • Taiwan
    這裡是魅影,有時候會改用千野零(Shio Lin)。 中文為主,英文日文普通。 愛好廣泛,主萌正常向CP,小偏男性向。 請多指教。 Nice to neet you. My name is Lin Shio. Thanks for your coming. 千野零です,よろしくお願いします! twitter: plurk:
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
    大家好~我是彩虹菟子 (菟子) 是來自台灣的COSER 目前還在學習中 如有建議麻煩請留言給我!!!