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夜徒 (yato)
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  • Philippines
    Haro~ I'm Nagi/Izanagi.. cosplayer from Philippines! I love anime,Otome games, Cosplay/crossplay! nice to meet you~ Curecos: Deviantart:
  • Japan
    I'm japanese cosplayer. I like young-adult fiction and PCgame and Anime Twitter: facebook: 請多指教! Nice to meet you!
  • Japan
    かずさと申します。シェリルが大好きです。 2015年冬、シェリル写真集発行予定です。 よろしくお願い致します。 [詳細] /// Hi:) I'm Kazusa. Nice to meet you. I'm a Japanese cosplayer. I mostly dress up in the costumes of Sheryl Nome- Macross Frontier. /// Twitter WebSite /// LOVE* MACROSS FRONTIER MARGINAL#4 DIABOLIK LOVERS DRAMAtical Murder HQ!! etc Thanks♡Nagi
  • KII
    ◆Love .刀剣乱舞 .七つの大罪 .弱虫ペダル .東京喰種(Tokyo Ghoul) .進撃の巨人(Attack on Titan) .マギ(MAGI) .TIGER&BUNNY .マクロスF(MAKUROSU F) ◆Activity 【Cure】 【Cosplayers ARCHIVE 】 【AMPLE】 【Twitter】 【mobel】 ジェイルウィッグのモデルさせていただいております。
  • U
    Hello everyone! Thank u 4 coming to my page;) My name is U. My mainly activety place is Osaka and Kyoto in Japan. I love cosplay with my pretty good friends. My especially like animation is "sailor moon" These day, I lile "Love Live" "Shingeki no Kyojinn" "JOJO" If you have an interested 4 me, Plz follow my twitter→yuyuyu0522(But I always write Japanese×( sorry...) Also, do archive→ Nice to meet u! (since 4/15 2013)
  • Japan
    I am a Japanese cosplayer! I live in Tokyo. 普段はTwitterにいます、仲良くしてくださいね! ■twitter: ■ARCHIVE: ■cure:
  • Brazil
    Olá me chamo Toshi, muito prazer! Sou brasileiro e atualmente moro no Japão. Junto com um amigo, fizemos também a conta como Shadow Team. Nesse perfil quero expor também meus trabalhos ao longo de vários anos de aprendizado. Agradeço a atenção^^v 初めまして、トシです! 僕はブラジル人でも日本に住んでいます。 特撮ガ大好きです! よろしくお願いします! Facebook page
  • South Korea
    Hello! I'm korean costume player and photographer. ●Like ● Fate/zero,Mawaru Penguindrum,Fruits Basket, Natsume Yuujinchou,Card Captor Sakura,No.6,Golden days.. ETC ●Hompage(korea blog:I took a photo of costume play)● Follow is free ^_^)♡
  • Japan
    本能の赴くままにまったり活動しています(´ω`*) ガチでチキンですがどうぞ仲良くしてやってくださいv
  • China
    永远爱BAKUMAN~=3=,接受者庫洛魔法使的使命~❤蜂蜜与四叶草❤ 下半年的計劃表: 还是小樱~ 零之地带 DRRR 花本叶久美 君と仆。 新浪微博 找我玩QAQ
  • Taiwan
    獄是學名(?)大多人都叫我瓜瓜。 反逆のルルーシュ Psycho-Pass EVAGELION VOCALOID 刀剣乱舞 【AMPLE】 【FB page】 【Twitter】 【Instagram】hellxgaze 連絡與合作 中文/English/日本語 交流歓迎
  • May
    Thank you for visiting!:D My name is May. I'm a cosplayer from Japan. I love Games, Anime, Music & Photography ♥ My favorite;) Tales of Series 無双Series(Samurai Warriors&Dynasty Warriors) Otomate's games UTAPURI Macross Frontier Love to see cosplay photos from around the world!
  • Japan
  • U3
    哎嘿~这里是尤三儿~身娇体软易推倒【不对=333333=民那亚拉西库~ This is U3~=w=I'm 20 years old~I hope you will enjoy my cosplay here~Although my English is poorQAQ~
  • Taiwan
    FaceBook Plurk LOFTER: TWITTER 跟我聊AZ會很開心 (〃∀〃)~♡
  • Japan
    Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Orchid. I live in the Chugoku District of Japan. I LOVE D.Gray-man,especially I'm big fan of Lavi!! I like other animations or games, such as Macross Frontier,Gundam(especially SEED ) , Fullmetal Archemist,the series of Final Fantasy etc. ( I can't write them out all!!) I'd like to share the enjoyment and sense of the art of cosplay. facebook: Twitter: @Orchid72607